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Monday wool-gathering

I am sitting waiting for images to down load, I thought I would pop in and say hi and see how your weekend went. Was it good? I hope so.

We were up early today, Youngest is off on a four day expedition on his DofE Gold and had to be at school and on the mini-bus for 7.30am.   He doesn't do early at the best of times ......

I could barely lift his rucksack once he'd packed it and right up to the last minute he kept adding 'essentials'... his phone, his charger, his charging cable, pack of cards, speaker for the phone (you get my drift?) I suspect he may have taken a little more than he will need ....  :)

So fingers crossed for good weather, although the BBC weather reporter cheerfully announced that Wednesday was going to be a day of thunderstorms followed by rows of organised rain.... huh? Now everything has been made waterproof or encased in some form of plastic/waterproofing spray - I suspect when I collect him on Thursday he may be a little damp, a little bit sweaty and very tired.

Ok..... It's a Monday. As usual the weekend has evaporated, not really sure what we did. I know it was a lot of 'bitta'. A bit of this and a bit of that. Bitta-weeding, bitta-gardening, bitta-baking, bitta-knitting. Talking of knitting, my second shawl is now complete and has been worn with great success. So, give me a bitta-time and I'll write down the 'recipe' for you :)

I'll also get Eldest to take some photos of it to show you how it sits on me :) In the meantime you can have this as a sneak preview.
See that colour change?
Well, that was down to simple chance that I had three different yarns all with some degree of compatible variegation. The russet and brown shades happily melded into the green and brown twist which equally happily flowed into the greens - how good it feels to have stash busting power!!

Ok, best stop waffling - have yourselves a lovely Monday afternoon - hope the sun is shining where you are!


  1. Shawl looks great & would be a winner for car-knitting for me, as I don't do well with complicated whilst travelling, but get oh so bored just sitting. We had a busy Sunday/Monday with 2 of the grandkids & took them to Scienceworks, but forgot the camera. Have a good week & take care.

  2. The shawl is fabulous. What fantastic colour scheming! Ah, boys and their inability to pack light, I have one of those and he packed half a dozen pairs of shoes for one week in Barcelona! x

  3. Good luck to youngest. I hope he manages to stay reasonably dry or at least his phone does.
    It's a gorgeous shawl and the colour change is beautiful. You must be thrilled with it.
    The sun is shining here again and we've been getting out and about making the most of it. X

  4. Lovely knitting. Hope DS has a great expedition.

  5. The shawl colours are whispering autumn! I was in the woods yesterday and noticed some fallen maple leaves already. Perhaps because of all our dry weather here but we know it's coming right?! Bitta. Love that word. It should be in the dictionary!

  6. Having seen the shawl on Hawthorn I confirm it is really beautiful.I love the pun in the above comment by simpenaturalhandmade.....colour scheming...A good description. Xx

  7. Stash busting...gasp....now you'll need to acquire some more to make sure you don't get panicky! x


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