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A recipe - because you asked :)

Lunch Loaves.

A mainstay of a good weekend,
feed the hungry workmen
so they will keep working!
For everyone who asked about the recipe,
here it is....
It comes from my favourite bread book,

10g yeast
500gm strong bread flour
10gm salt
350gm(ml) water (I warm it very slightly)
Mix together in a bowl,
it makes a very 'wet' dough.
Once upon a time,
I would kneed the soft and sloppy stuff,
by hand,
in the strange, stretching way
as instructed by Bertinet.
But now, I just chuck the four ingredients
into the bread maker,
put it on the dough setting
and walk away for just over an hour.
Then when it has risen
and the kitchen is filled with
the heady scent of yeast
and rising dough...
after I have generously 
dusted flour on to a grease proof paper....
then tip out a gloopy,
and warm dough.
Then with floury hands (very floury hands)
gently but firmly
spread the dough outwards
to make a roughly rectangular shape.
Open a jar of basil pesto,
Grate cheese,
generous quantities.
Whistle while you grate.... **
Slather the dough with pesto,
Cover 2/3 thirds of the pesto
with the grated cheese. 
Re-flour your hands, regularly...
and flap the long ends of the dough
over into thirds.
I use the grease proofed paper to help.
Reach for your kitchen scissors,
or any clean scissors,
and cut your dough roll
into four.
Pinch one end of each quarter closed.
Tip each one on to the sealed end. 
The dough gently slumps
into a delicious fat roll.
Sprinkle on a little paprika...
Put into a hot oven (200 deg c)
and step away for 20 minutes and do a little washing up.
Alternatively go back out and carry on 
working on what ever project you are busy with. 
I was painting door edges.
Then, having checked,
tapped the dough 
and listened for that wonderful
hollow thud of confirmation
that your lunch loaves are cooked. 
Take to the aforementioned workers,
with a pot of coffee
and scoff
the lot
with lashings of finger licking
and lip smacking.


I am, still, silly busy.
I've not been visiting blogs
as much as I would like to 
or commenting on those I have,
so I apologise - normal service will eventually return.
I hope.

** why whistling when grating cheese? Well, my sister in law, when a small girl, would have to whistle when she was grating - to prevent her nibbling the spoils!


  1. My first thought when I saw it was: "I want these...right now!" These rolls looks yummy. I will give it try. I just will have to change the grams into American cups, Tab. and so forth. Thank you for much for sharing the recipe!

  2. a good book, we have it,also Crust

  3. Years ago I gave up trying to knead bread and always use the dough setting on my bread maker. Works a treat and frees me up to so other things! They look lovely but the only problem is someone (not me) does not like basil/pesto! I wonder if I can use tomato puree instead of pesto? Or even marmite! What do you think?

  4. I agree they look yummy and would love to try but kneading dough is not my best thing. I think Threads through my life's idea of changing the flavour away from pesto would work for us too as I am the only one who likes it. ♥ ♥

  5. I can almost smell the deliciousness of those beautiful little loaves.

  6. They look amazing. Very tasty. Lucky workers! :)

  7. Thanks Kate. Sounds & looks scrumptious. You sound way busy & I owe you an email, but we are still having a few problems with our email system, just when I decide to get back to people. Google is fine, only the email side, probably because of this 'stupid' nationwide upgrade. Ugh!!!!!!!! Take care.

  8. Mmmmm...these look and sound incredible!! Yum, I'd like to try them. By the way, I loved your choices for the Scavenger hunt this month and had a go!


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