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Happy dancing promised

Been a bit busy recently - so thought I'd quickly pop in and chat for a while. Some of you may have noticed a distinct lack of 'Potager updates'. It is not because I have been lax at writing them, or that the slugs had decimated my vegetables (although they have tried their hardest to do so), nor due to the rains flattening them either (although, yes you guessed it - it has definitely tried to do so). No. Nothing like that.

No - my potager has reduced in size somewhat - I have lost nearly 3/4 of it to this........ 
This not quite complete summer house will eventually be my new studio! 
How exciting! (except I am too tired to leap about like a happy thing!) 
We have just spent two days, all four of us, building. 
There has been a few frayed moments,  a few gnashing of teeth but a lot of laughing, loads of nails and screws and tacks and glue. Oh so many planks, beams and boards. Why is it all so very heavy!?!

Have to admit that I never thought I'd see it up. The rain...... the rain - sigh.

The company that supplied the building need lessons with their customer service.
Their choice of delivery company is appalling! (it took THREE separate deliveries before it actually arrived, each one a flat packed summer house made it to the village but only the final one actually got off the truck! The first one arrived horribly damaged and I refused delivery, the second one never got to us, the delivery driver insisted he stood at our door knocking on it and we'd not answered - Eldest stood on the pavement looking out for him when we were given the half hour warning - nothing. A third summerhouse finally arrived .... then it rained for about three weeks....)
The workmanship of the building is not consistent nor was the company's quality control - Himself has had to fix lots of stupid basic errors.
Although not fully up - due to time wasted messing with windows not fitting the frames or the hinges needing to be countersunk so the doors actually fit the frame - it is up and waterproof!
I can visualise where my desk and I will be, I can visualise where my art will sit as it drys and I can visualise the layout for October when my 'studio' will be part of the open studios art trail - eek!

I'd planned to have it painted before it was assembled but we watched the weather and saw a small window this weekend - I'll have to paint it another day.  

I'll also have to make sure it is insulated for winter (brrrrrr!) so I can work out all year round. But, despite a lot still to do - I am quietly chuffed that in our garden, tucked in between the trees and usurping my vegetable garden - I have a summerhouse studio :)

Right - off for a shower and bed - I am tired and suspect I will be stiff (as a board!) tomorrow - but I will probably definitely do the happy dance (but not in the rain) in my studio!

PS - I have belatedly added the list of words for this month's Scavenger hunt to the top right of the page - enjoy! xxx


  1. Brilliant work from all of you! Thought you might be working on it this weekend as it did not rain during the day. Beloved read this post and then scrolled down and caught a glimpse of the castle at the start of your previous post. Guess what the cheeky person said! Will your studio look like this when it is finished? Just started to rain now so I doubt you will be painting it today!

    1. Tell him of course it will look like the tower - with a little magic!

  2. Replies
    1. Yes, a little excited but still a long way to go :)

  3. Excellent. Is it North facing so you get the light through your big windows? I only know this because my friend Arty L told me...as a non painter it was interesting for me to learn this.

    1. Surprisingly no, not north facing but it has windows on three sides and due to our tree situation it is facing the best way possible for the light the garden gets :) There is, in the event of grey dull days (which we do get) my daylight lamp !

  4. Got the email before I saw this, so knew you had been working on it, though I've been thinking about you putting it up for the last couple of weeks, since you told me it was being delivered. I'd love a 'She Shed' & my B-i-Law & family have a huge summerhouse in their garden, which would be a great size for my quilting one. Anyway it is looking great & look forward to seeing it finished & being used. Hope the weather gets better this week & take care.

  5. Forgot to ask, what was Moss's contribution? Fetch???

  6. How very exciting!

    Shame about the difficulties with the supplier, but even so, a garden studio, how amazing!

  7. Exciting! Thanks for the new scavenger list too. I'm going to share it on my blog as a few people commented about missing an old scavenger hunt we used to do that no longer happens.

  8. I'm so glad I decided to re-read this post as Louise mentioned the new scavenger word list! How could I miss that as I'd been looking for it for days now....

  9. Nearly there. So exciting. Can't wait to see it all up and running - no perhaps not running but being used as you plan. Sorry you had such silly niggling problems with its construction. ♥ ♥ ♥

  10. So much work, but the reward when you sit there with a big cuppa watching the rain outside will be your reward! I miss my self contained studio. It was where I would escape and sometimes just to do nothing, but feel 'away' from everything else. I am lucky though to still have a very large room/studio in the new house (i say new...we've been here a year now!) with all of my 'stuff' and loads of light that streams in. Good luck with the rest of it...what colour will you paint it?

  11. Your Own Shed!!!!
    Sometimes I feel it would be far easier to design and make from scratch, especially when confronted with a shed in bits and the supposedly easy plans

  12. I have seen the studio in the flesh (or is it in the wood) and it is lovely and light and airy and sits in the garden beautifully. Which ever window you look our of has a lovely view of different aspects of the garden. It will be inspirational. ♥ ♥ ♥

  13. Can you still the (excitedly) beating heart - your own proper studio - what joy!!! Look forward to seeing how it looks when you've filled it! Have you also visualised where Moss's bed will be?
    Would you consider naming the supplier and delivery company - you have lots of readers and someone might appreciate avoiding all the extra trouble you've had to deal with?

  14. A garden studio, what a fabulous place to create... Enjoy!


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