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It's me - Moss

Hiya, it's Moss here.

I noticed there has been a distinct lack of blogginess happenings by herself so I thought I would put paw to keyboard and wuffle a story or two.

Herself does a fair bit of painting type 'stuff' and when she does, I have the essential job of lying on her feet or sleeping up against the back of her chair.

When she is not painting, she does something I used to be terrified of.... GARDENING.  I am still not too sure about certain SCARY things, but I have braved up a bit...actually quite a lot!

Once upon a time my heart would stop at the sight of welly-boots, I would quiver in fear if any spades or rakes were picked up and I would hide myself when a wheelbarrow came out to play.

Now, I am still wary but I have seemed to have grown a (slightly) thicker skin. I've had to - I go 'hard core gardening' once weekly when herself volunteers in the walled garden.
I've been three times and last week was my bestest day so far!
The sun shone on my fur and I was happy playing. 
I sunbathed on the recently mown grass,
it smelt just like hay
My fur smelt so sweet! 
Now, I strangely find weeding rather good fun.
Each time she pulls one up...it might...just...be...a...ball..
which she just might..throw...for...me
oh the anticipation
and excitement!

Oh - it was just a weed.
No wait...she's going pick up a ball!!
And if she just does not get the hint - 
I get my favourite toy and drop it at her feet when she stops for a brew 
(I usually insist on a biscuit then too!)
I have happily discovered that if I drop my ball into the water trough
I get to have a sneaky swim!
She says it is therapy 
(not sure whether I can eat that or play fetch with it)
for both of us
if we garden each week.

What ever it is -
I think I like it.

(Just hope she doesn't use the hammer 
or make a loud noise, I might have to hide)


  1. Great one Moss. Now we know what Mum gets up to occasionally in amongst the painting & She Shed building. Is that process scary for you too with all the hammering, though once finished I can see you lying in patches of sunlight & dreaming doggy dreams. Have a good weekend all and take care.

  2. Brave girl Moss. Gardening need not be scary. Your owner would never hurt you. Clever ploy dropping your fav toy into the water trough. xx PS I like the new benches your owner has been making in the walled garden.

  3. Oh, I love this post. I have the same feelings about gardening its therapy

    Julie xxxxxx

  4. Pets or sometimes Pe[s]ts bring so much joy and fun into our lives don't they...I did not appreciate the ex-mouse I found courtesy of Humphrey yesterday though!

  5. What an adorable girl. Glad she is enjoying the summer. She looks so happy and super inteligent. Xx

  6. Oh Moss you bundle of cuteness...enjoy your time gardening with the Mistress...it's one of the bestest things you could ever do together. x

  7. Great to hear from you Moss. Any time she is too busy to write, you can wuffle on instead. How about dropping your ball in amongst the weeds so she will find it and then have to throw it! It's worth a try. I am confident you will come to love gardening, spades, wellies, hammers etc etc.

  8. I'm so pleased your new family are loving you and making you feel special xx

  9. Oh heavens, how did I miss this . . . hope you are feeling better and coming around from today's anaesthetic. Daisy recognises that ball, we have an identical one and it is definitely a favourite :)


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