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Well, what's been happening?

I know I have been a little quiet on the blogging front, I promise that I am still around - it just seems that we seemed to have been somewhat busier at the moment and certain things have sort of fallen to the wayside.

However, we all took a day off yesterday, 
to breathe and walk and it felt good. 
Seems a long time that all four of us and Moss had time out together.
We did about 10 miles (13.6km) in the afternoon - suffice to say, I am tired today!
Moss who probably did double and Youngest who seemed to lollop around as much as she did,
both morphed into semi-comatose lumps last night, moving only to eat and then go to bed.

Why are we so busy?
Well, we are still working on the summerhouse studio (still makes me smile when I say that)
Not fully completed, 
we need to finish insulating the roof,
board the walls,
board out the ceiling,
lay some sort of warm but tough flooring.
But - I have lights,
it is warm already.
The windows are in - my favourite being the one we call...
'The frog pond' window - a double sized pane of glass down to floor level.
Most of the exterior has been painted, just a few bits remain - the weather kept beating us to it.
I've got back into baking bread - the boys requested cheese and basil lunch loaves,
seemed silly to deny them seeing they are building my studio for me :)
Painting stock for October is still happening
but not nearly as much as I would like,
need to 'get to it'. 
And, in the midst of all this busy-ness
a friend of mine has recently started leading guided meditation classes,
they are just what I need.
An hour and half of kind and gentle 'nothing'
where my brain tries to switch off (however, not always successfully!) 
Plans, organising and interviews with artists
for our October Art Trail are on-going.
I still waiver from uber excited to positively terrified!
But we are getting there....
the only way is forward!
I even have an 'official' event advert for my part of the Open Trail.
So you see, I've been a bit busy...

And you can always find me here,
have a happy week xxx


  1. When I discovered painting it became a therapy. Switched my brain off from what was worrying it. Meditation obviously works for you as well as your painting. I would like to know more....

  2. I'm feeling much the same at the moment. Work and house renovations seem to be taking up all my time and I hate being so busy. We took a day off from the house yesterday and walked on the moors to enjoy the heather... our first good walk since March I think!

    The painting on that coaster (?) is beautiful... would love a set of those for my new house - do you ever sell your work?!

  3. Boy, you have been busy. Oh, how I wish I could be there in October (boohoo), to see the shed & view the Trawden Art Trail. Sometimes you see open studios in Oz, but none around here very often. I can imagine the feelings of both trepidation & excitement. Ah, now that is what I need too, meditation to take away my anxiety, but I do find it hard to switch off my brain. I tried yoga a couple of times, but failed miserably on the relaxation part, but my massage lady is back from her winter break(3 months up north), so have an appointment tomorrow. Ahhhhhhh!!! Have a good week & take care.

  4. You've been busy. Love your paintings.

    Julie xxxxxxxx

  5. Busy yes, but a nice kind of busy. Walk will have blown out all the cobwebs. Summerhouse Studio is looking so snug and warm. Can't wait to see it all finished. Paintings are looking good. Well done. xx

  6. Your new studio is looking superb.
    Good luck with the art trail and enjoy the meditation/quiet time, refresh the mind and relax.

  7. Love the idea of having one's own studio. My eyes love to look at those lunch loaves. I wondered where would I get similar recipe. Your painting is beautiful!

  8. Well done you on so many fronts; studio will be so snuggly and your own private space too! I never cease to be amazed at how many plates you seem to have spinning at one go!

  9. Hi there Hawthorn. Sorry I will not be taking part in August photo Scavenger hunt, we have a new golden retriever rescue, she is almost 2 and needs a lot of love and attention. Will be back with you in September.I too am wondering where time is going and need to get back to normality (whatever that is) . x


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