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Biscuit hearts

I thought I better pop in. Been busy you see.
Work, life, yadda yadda.

It has taken me a while to get into the routine of my new longer hours and the resulting much less free time. But every now and then I get a burst of energy - this evening was one such time.
I made biscuits!

I saw these......here.....at eskimorose and JUST HAD TO MAKE THEM! I didn't do the cream and raspberry bit - not got that sort of stuff stashed away in my baking reserves but I did do the chocolate shortbread biscuits - yum!

I deviated slightly in so much that I was a little too generous with the cocoa (in a sort of...there is only a little bit left in the tin - I'll just chuck it in too....kind of way) that I decided that I would sprinkle caster sugar on the surface prior to baking. Himself declared them yumbledocious as he wolfed them down.

'fraid there's not that many left now...think it might be I will have to make them again !

I must admit to finding it difficult finding the 'energy' to blog - it's not that I have nothing to say - I ALWAYS have something to say, it is just finding the time and making the effort - I am not going to promise to 'blog more' or to 'blog regularly on specific days' - I know I won't be able to keep to such promises, but I will promise to blog - when I can - I hope you understand xxx


  1. Those look delicious. Bet there will be none left for Thursday Knit and (K)natter! Understand you are busy and look forward to whenever a new blog is posted.

  2. I know just what you mean about making the time and effort. I've stopped trying to blog on a regular basis sometimes it's twice a week sometimes only once a month. I don't think we should put ourselves under pressure. I'm sure everyone understands that you are a busy working Mum and your posts are always so interesting with beautiful images that they are well worth waiting for!

  3. Oh, those bics look yum.
    How's the job going?
    How are you?
    Are there any more biscuits?

  4. Sometimes we do have plenty to say, but not enough time to blog. Don't worry I agree with Miriam, your posts are always worth waiting for, they are so interesting and I love your pictures. Blog when you can!

  5. OMG - sooooo exciting to see that you have made my biccies!!!! They're delish, aren't they?! Unfortunately I made them too soon in the week, so there aren't any left now its actually valentines!! I'd better get cooking again ... I'm a totally inconsistent blogger, I can go weeks without being able to think of anything blog worthy, then I'll get a rush on a do 3 in a week!! Its such a fun thing to do, but sometimes it does start to take over, then you have to step back and get real life into perspective ...


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