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Little things...

little things that make my day............

Our girls have been happily laying.
My second 'Wurm' is just as delicious as the first. 
Made with a lighter yarn so I can wear it as the weather warms up.
The bag inspector gets on with her career choice.
Wicked wicked wicked chocolate cake.
Walking with my boys.
Late winter sunsets
My favourite tree.

What makes you happy?
What little things make you smile?
What delicious things have you nibbled this week?
Have you a favourite tree?
Go on - share your favourite little things 

Almost the weekend - where ever you are - enjoy!

with love hawthorn xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. May be little things but all very nice things!
    My favourite wish at this very time is to be pain free. This latest drop in temperature is playing havoc with my knee and sciatica.
    My grandchildren make me smile, a tiny note given to me the other day saying "Granny no won can be better than you" is a note I will treasure.

  2. Lovely to sit here with a cuppa and share all your pics. I can't believe how quickly you've finshed the hat!!

  3. So many lovely things to comment on. Love, love, love the blue wurm. Once again, gorgeous pictures from your walk, thank you for sharing them and so glad girls are being productive again.

    PS Aldi is advertising that it's meat only contains beef, now I see they contain cat - Pancat!!

  4. What makes me happy? The thought of retirement on 28 Feb!
    What little things make me smile? Trying out a new crochet butterfly pattern thanks to you.
    What delicious things have I nibbled this week? Moi??? I think this is too personal a question, and I will not answer it in case Beloved reads this!
    Have you a favourite tree? Yes, a cherry tree at Harlow Carr, the one with the shinny red bark you just have to touch, Prunus serrula (http://apps.rhs.org.uk/plantselector/plant?plantid=1551)
    Share my favourite little things. Loads but at the moment, crochet, my new iPad and KnK group and Yarnival; who could ask for more?

  5. A lovely post, your hat is beautiful.


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