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I ♥ horses!

Guess who - across the world - receives the most Valentine's day cards?

Would you have chosen - teachers?

Well, it is, teachers receive the most, followed by children, mums, wives, sweethearts then pets.....

Today's heart is wonderfully supplied by a rather lovely grey.

We'd spent a lovely day out walking along the Scottish-English borders, real Reivers country, and now as we were reaching our end, we walked through a field filled with Cheviot sheep (native to the area) and two grazing grey horses.
One showed no interest and grazed on, ignoring us as we trudged through. The second horse, watched us the whole time as we followed the pathway. She never took her eyes off us. I watched her back.

As much as I love horses, I am fully aware of their rather fickle nature and am wary if a horse is too interested in our presence. This one, however, never moved a step, and what's more, she provided me with a rather unexpected heart shaped chestnut.



  1. Thats fascinating, I didn't know they were called chestnuts, it threw me for a minute, I thought that horse is grey not chestnut, dah! Glad you put a link on. I'm never sure about walking through a field with horses either. I really enjoy reading your posts.

  2. ♥♥ Beautiful picture of a beautiful grey. I must say I have never seen a heart shaped chestnut before. How opportune (and observant), just what you needed for your February collection.♥♥

  3. A lovely beast and a lucky find!

  4. How on earth did you spot the heart-shaped chestnut? Clever you. I'd forgotten it was called a chestnut.


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