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cadaver any one?

Yesterday - Saturday, we had a rather enjoyable day. Nothing outstanding, just a fun day. But before I share our escapades, today's heart has been supplied by Himself and Pan.

Firstly we (well read that as I) decided that giddy-dog was very over due a bath. Her 'dogfume' was a little eye-watering and her whites were not as white as they could be. Once upon a time, we would put her in our old enamal bath and fill it up with lovely warm water but since the bathroom was done up, our new bath was one of those shiny white acrylics ones and I have always been a bit concerned that her claws would mark the surface.

We now fill the wheelbarrow with lovely warm water and she, bless her as reluctant as she is, will hop in and sit down. A picture says a thousand words............ so here are four thousand words.

Having dried and brushed giddy-dog we then all piled into the landie and set off for the Dales - we had a date with a rescue dog to keep :)

We deliberately arrived a couple of hours too early so that we could get a walk first. The views were fantastic and we ended up on Attermire Scar for lunch. It was glorious being able to see blue sky and a clear horizon. The breeze was a bit cutting, but sitting in the sun in the lea of a large lumpy rock was superb.

Attermire Scar, we sat in the centre below the small sharp sugar-loaf lump in the skyline

 The view from my lunch spot - in the distance is a dark slash of woodland - where we were to meet the rescue dog

Wonder who rubbed up against this convenient post? We suspected the Highland cattle that dotted the hillside. Mind you - they look more like teddy bears than cattle....

With one eye on the clock and the other eye through the camera lens, we came off the hills and headed back to the land rover. We still had to find our rescue dog.
Why the rush? And why a rescue dog?

Well, we had volunteered ourselves to be 'bodies' lost in woodland for a young trainee mountain rescue dog. We met up with her trainer who explained what was needed and let us 'lose' ourselves in the trees. We had to remain quiet and out of sight but not too far from the path as the dog needed to find us relatively easily and lead her trainer to us. Then as she got more into the swing of things, we were allowed to venture a little further off the path and hide ourselves a little more. All four of us plus a friend and her daughter took off and chose a suitable hidey-hole and became immobile and silent. And bless her - she found us all!

Her reward? A purple squeaky toy and lots of pats and praise. Her trainer was delighted with her progress and hopefully we will be told to 'get lost' again next time she has to practise. We loved it.

Then to cap off a rather enjoyable day - we happened to see the Union of South Africa and a glorious sunset - what a day!

So what out of the ordinary things did you get up to this weekend?
Or did you have a lovely quiet one?
Hope the sun shined for you where ever you are!

Here's to the beginning of the week - who'da thought I would be saying that?!


  1. ♥♥ Forgot to say, did not get up to anything as special as you all did. Just a knitathon!!♥♥

  2. ♥♥ Looks like my original post did not get beyond Preview! I will try again! You were so lucky with the weather. Looks like a wonderful walk ...and as for a steam train and with a name like Union of South Africa too! What an ending.♥♥ Now to remember to press Publish after I have checked it on Preview!!

  3. What a great day you had. I just loved the steam train. Years ago (20+?) we were heading into Skipton and saw lots of cars parked near the railway line. We managed to park and I asked what was going on. Mallard was due to come by. Indeed she did and what a sight it was. Sadly it was pre-digital camera and I did not have my film camera with me either but I have the memory.


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