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In which we wash the kitchen floor.....

But before I reveal such details - a Yarnival update - 

Adelaide Walker - the friendly fibre people supplying Merino wool tops and natural wool tops for spinners and feltmakers.
Kumihimo Braiding - a very popular return, demonstrating braiding and selling kits
Angela Barrow - felt maker - beautiful hand felted items, advice and demonstrations 
Emily Foulds  supplying knits, wools and gifts - new to Yarnival 2013.
Freyalyn's Fibres - supplying hand dyed yarns and fleece fibre
the hawthorn tree wools -  supplying hand spun and hand dyed yarns from small independent companies

Rare Breed Sheep - Information stand and hopefully lambs (we were lucky enough to have some last year!)

Yarnival-knit and natter group craft table - so much to choose from, the ladies have been busy crafting and creating for all tastes and pockets - come and have a look.
Thread of Life new to us this year but bringing some much needed crochet hooks, tools, books and cotton threads 
Julie Owen Hand spun - an independent supplier of hand spun wools - BFL, Gotland and Shetland. Another welcome addition to this year's festival.
We also have our very popular Yarnival Cafe returning with cakes and teas, sandwiches and delicious home made bread and soup. 

It is not that far off from the festival and there is lots still to do, but I am lucky enough to have such a close-knit (pun fully intended) group of yarny friends and family that everything will be sorted out nicely!

Now, the kitchen floor....Oh before that little yarn (oops did you see what I did there?!!) another tale...

I've been knitting.
I love wearing my 'Wurm' hat so much that I fancied another one. The green one I made is super warm and snug and now that the weather is getting milder (fingers crossed) I thought I could make a lighter weight one.

So, I nipped out one lunch time (you remember I mentioned that I just HAPPENED to have a LYS a few yards away from where I work.....)
And bought some yarn.

I fell in love with its beautiful blues, and just had to take it walking with me.

And I just HAD to take suitably walking type photos!

It continues to grow - slower that I'd like, but seeing that as soon as I get home I seem to slump on the settee with barely any energy. I love my job - it is busy and very physical and I am kept really really active all day.

The variations seem to show even better with the pattern - I think I am going to love this one so very much!

Oh yes - the kitchen floor. 

We went out, we had planned on a walk but at the last minute decided not to. We thought we'd better get walking socks and a coat for Eldest who is off to Iceland (wowser!) shortly. 

When we returned the floor was AWASH with water and there was water gushing through the ceiling.  I rushed upstairs fearing the worst - our water tanks are in our bedroom and my precious yarn is right next to them. 
The boys and I then charged into the bathroom expecting a tidal flow.
Just a small damp patch on the bathmat. HUH?

Then we realised that the pipe that feeds water into the cistern had sprung a leak and water was being squirted beneath the floor of the bathroom. 
Himself quickly switched off the stop-cock as the boys and I laid towels on the kitchen floor and tried to place containers under the 'indoor waterfalls'.
We went out again - this time to the local DIY.
Whilst Himself did the essential repairs, I dried the floor, rescued the floating cat food, wrung out the towels, washed walls and drained the convector heater as I tried to avoid being dripped on from above!
We now have a sparkly clean kitchen.

Tomorrow - we go for our walk!


  1. I thought there was no hearty happening for a minute there!

    I know what you mean about slumping on the settee. Some nights I have to make myself do things just so life isn't all work and no play (and some nights I give in and slump!!!).

    Hope all is drying out nicely.

  2. I would think you have enough to cope with without indoor waterfalls! One good thing, no two, today is the nicer day for walking and you have a nice clean kitchen floor! x

  3. I've got that yarn, I bought it last year on impulse and I'm still waiting to be inspired to use it. Sorry to hear of your plumbing problems and quite envious of eldest.

  4. What is it with leaks, they seem to be in abundance!
    I wish I was closer, Yarnival sounds sooo good!

  5. Hi there; this is the third attempt to leave a comment! iPad would not play so I am on my old faithful friend! You do seem to favour a life with water featuring in it now and then, and I do not mean the seaside! I do love the Marble yarn; I too have a ball of it but in shades of purple/plum etc and am about to start a wurm hat. Wish me luck!


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