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BIG C.. little c - what begins with C?**

Each day - there are little gems that make my heart sing.

BIG C.... little c.... what begins with c?

Big cat.... little cat.... making my heart sing**

And you ?

What makes your heart sing?


**Camel on the ceiling....c-c-c (Thanks Dr Seuss for the proper version)


  1. Oh soooo cute Hawthorn, they are both beautiful!
    What makes my heart sing today? A lovely walk in nature - my little dog Pika, who was happy to walk further than usual, and a nice cup of Chai tea on coming home! Then crochet! Oh yes, crochet!!
    Have a full and happy day!
    Joy x

  2. Ahhhh, pity there is not enough room on the chair for me to have a snuggle with Big C and Little C.

    What is making me smile right now? About to go outside and re-model my chicken run!

  3. Pretty obvious they like each other's company....great pics!
    Pandora has got a big girl now :-)

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  4. A couple of contented cats cuddling on a cushion on a chair....that's what begins with C!! Maybe dreaming of many mumbling mice making midnight music. Thank you for the link. I loved reading it again, I had forgotten many of them, but each line vividly brought back the pictures in the book.

  5. They look really content and happy!
    No doubt you're pleased that your new room is finally nearly finished?

  6. Ah, they are so precious! What darling fur children you have. ;)


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