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Sunday + Sunshine = WALKING

We, plus girlfriend, have just come back from a delicious 15km-ish walk.  We parked in the village of Gargrave and followed the Leeds-Liverpool canal out onto farmlands. It is one we have done before, but in truly awful weather. This time the walk and the weather redeemed themselves.
 Along the canal we met several narrowboats out on day trips. It is always fascinating watching them negotiate the locks.
 Of course, we had to stop several times, for good views, for lunch, for photos and anything else that caught our eye!

A good way to celebrate the end of half term - out on the rolling hills, surrounded by sky, flowers, friends and family.

PS - I did take my knitting, managed a row or two, but very difficult to concentrate when there are bumblebees and butterflies to watch :)


  1. Your family circle is increasing! Sunday was a lovely day for a walk. Long may this weather continue.

  2. As usual great photos. I do like the grid arrangement of photos...

  3. I really like the photos too and some summer sunshine - bliss!!!


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