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Bluebell walk

Friday evening was warm and sultry, just right for imbibing the gorgeous scent of bluebells.

An almost spontaneous walk meant quite a few from work plus families (making 18 walkers) with numerous dogs met in the village of Austwick to walk up a bluebell encrusted hillside.
A heavy sky with a most gorgeous peach slash eventually gave way to a dusky blue. 
 Swathes of blue blooms covered the hills, 
in places so densely it made if difficult to avoid standing on flowers
Then as we returned to the village and the sun began to sink below the trees, we stopped in the local pub for a quick drink before heading for home. What a way to start the weekend!!


  1. What a gorgeous walk. Bluebells at their best too. We went to Bolton Abbey and they were almost over, but the wild garlic was beautiful amongst the towering trees along the river.

  2. Those bluebells are gorgeous. I don't know of anywhere here in the US where they might grow like this. In this area, we have dogwoods in the Spring along with Rhododendrons in the mountains. They are really pretty but it's a quick season and you can miss them if you wait a week. I love the countryside and the dogs in the pond. Oh and the cow face! Love.


  3. What a fabulous sight. Driving around here I have caught sight of hints of blue but not as huge as these.


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