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40 shades of green....

*****I AM CURIOUS TO KNOW WHY THIS POST ATTRACTS SO MUCH ATTENTION long after it was written - IF YOU HAVE A MOMENT - PLEASE COMMENT AND LET ME KNOW WHY!  it was written about my garden yet it attracts the most visits still!! - I suspect that it is due to the title being related to the song - please let me know I am really interested  thank you  :) ****

There is a song .... crooned by Johnny Cash called 40 shades of green and I could not think of a more appropriate name for today's post.

Inspired by a dear bloggy friend who shared the shades of green from her garden I thought I would do the same. (Imitation is the best form of flattery!)

Actually, there are 48 shades of green here (I did originally take 70 pictures and must have only photo-ed a fraction of the foliage in the garden). I think I have been under appreciating the greenness of it all - thank you dear 'Threads through my Life' for reminding me how lovely it all is xx


  1. All those shades are fascinating

  2. Nice photos! I keep finding more flowers and other foliage in my garden. I will certainly be re-visiting these photos when the winter is here and the garden looks forlorn.

  3. Beautiful pics Hawthorn - how lovely to see those snippets all together - gorgeous variety. I think we often don't appreciate just how much beauty there is around us, do we, so it's so good to have a browse and just appreciate! Thank you so much!
    Joy x

  4. Lovely! I used to worry that I had no colour in my garden in the summertime but agree with you this is the time of year when the shades of green foliage are at their best.

  5. Well you already know how I got here so late... life getting in the way and all that... but I had to stop and say something on this post too because green is my absolute favorite color and this post is divine.


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