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Last weekend the sun called us out and it seemed silly not to obliged.

 So walking and eating and gardening was the order of the day.

Himself set up our mini-bbq-bucket and the boys cooked their own lunch
while we, Himself and I, had vegetable kebabs and nutty bread.
I have to admit that not much gardening was done, 
it more looking and admiring than weeding and pruning.
The fields were full of buttercups, despite their lovely sunny-yellow faces and cheerful colour, 
they are not particularly a good wildflower to have growing in the meadows.

Tucked deep in the grass were some really pretty blue speedwell, 
to find them you really really  have to look, they have such tiny little blossoms.
We are so lucky where we live - we literally fall out of our back door 
and walk through some lovely countryside.


  1. It was a lovely weekend, so glad you were able to do another beautiful walk. Lovely pictures again.x

  2. I just love the way you're setting out your photos!
    I do hope we all find some sunshine this coming weekend!

  3. Gosh!! beautiful,beautiful photos Hawthorn....you are indeed fortunate to look at ALL that from your doorstep.
    I DO LIKE nutty bread and all the rest too LOL!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)


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