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I am here you knit wit!

Sorry -

I feel the need to apologise - It is ANOTHER kittling post.....

A couple of times last week, Pepper just vanished. Totally and utterly AWOL. Despite a pretty thorough search we could not locate her. Only to find, a short time later a pandiculating kittling with a slightly bemused look on her face as we scooped her up and ask her where she had been sleeping. Not surprisingly we were none the wiser.

Then, one day - just perchance - I spotted this when I reached for my knitting bag.
 Tucked inside, curled up on Himself's jersey was a snoozy little kittling.
 I leant in to hear a small and squeaky snore and little happy grunty-kittling noises.

Ooh - you found me prrrrrrr.

Since then, she has snuggled down several times more in my knitting bag for a sneaky snooze. Then, last week at knit and natter, when all knitting crew were sitting down and chatting away, I came in, picked up my knitting bag and carried it across the room....and dropped it next to the seat I was about to use.

The bag made a heavier than usual thud followed by a little squeak. Guess who was in my bag? Oops.

I check every time now before I move my knitting!!


  1. Ah, she looks so snug and secure in that bag. So kind of Himself to let her be comfy on his sweater.... Had to look up pandiculating - leant a new word today - thanks!

  2. He he he, that is so funny! Pretty smart cat methinks!

  3. That is so very beautiful Hawthorn - I just love little Pepper - and what a clever wise little kitty to find the comfiest and cosiest spot around! Don't apologise for showing us such delightful happenings - I so appreciate being allowed to take part in this!
    Joy x

  4. Very cute, clever little things aren't they!

  5. Hope Himself realises that when the knitting is proudly handed over to him that he will have to share it with Pan!

  6. Can't say I blame Pepper, it looks very comfy

  7. Sweet Pepper knows a good place when she sees it! Just me thankful its not my Duncan snoozing there...your knitting would be covered with long white fur...like my porch furniture. Sweet post!

  8. LOL! Such a precious little face, little ball of fluff :D


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