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For the time being.............

There isn't much time left before I write my exams, 
 So I am going bury myself in my books and disappear until mid July - 
please excuse me if I seem to have become invisible, 
it's because you can't see me behind the pile of books!

til then............


  1. Good luck with your studies :) We look forward to your return later in July.xxxx

  2. Good luck!!! Will be thinking of you and sending you loads of good luck vibes though the ether.

  3. Dear Hawthorn, I wish you the very best with your study and exams - I'll miss you but will be visualising you getting through this time peacefully and with ease! Love, Joy xo

  4. Good luck, see you on your return x

  5. Hope your revision goes well and best of luck with your exams.

  6. All the very best with your exams.....I think I need to do something similar as I have a summer course to prepare!!

    keep well

    Amanda xx


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