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old bones

Weather bleached bones litter the hillsides. 
Mostly sheep, occasionally rabbit or weasel, sometimes a bird skull and beak. 
I often wonder at the demise of the owners of these bones. 
Did they die naturally? 
Did the fall prey to a hungry fox? 
Did the snows over winter seep their last remaining energy and lying down and sleeping 
till they died was the most natural thing to do?  
Nothing is wasted. 
The flesh is all gone, eaten, scavenged by passing animals, 
wool and fur taken for nesting material. 

All that is left are reminders of lives gone.


  1. Bones are interesting aren't they. I'm always envious of the number you seem to find

  2. We can take lessons from Nature's recycling methods. Not much gets wasted there. Digging out some compost the other day and found the remains of a bird's beak, quite long, about 3" but no idea how it got there.

  3. I have to admit I'm a a little (a lot!) squeamish when it come to things that have passed. I may be different with bones but we don't seem to find things like that here. If I had found the birds beak in my compost I'd be beside myself. I think I need to toughen up!

  4. TTML - You find interesting things in your compost, I seem to find old plant labels and avocado pips!! But I agree with Angela, they do seem to find interesting things on their walks. xx


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