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Knitting notes

Not that I managed much knitting whilst on the hills, doing most of it in the car to and from our walk, I still try and take it out with me. Even if I can only manage a few stitches, I like to think that the surroundings are picked up by the wool and woven into the pattern.

I like to look at something I have made and know that memories of hills and blue skies or the scent and sounds of the sea have been incorporated into the making.

Sitting sipping at a hillside mug of tea, taking in the view and k1, LT, k6, RT, kl seems to make a walk  all that more special, all that more magic.


  1. I've never ventured further than my garden with my knitting. I think it's great that you can knit here and there.
    I'm going to try knitting in the car on a long journey. (Obviously when I'm a passenger!)

  2. Sounds like a good recipe to me. x

  3. Oh my days! I do that too! I think the things I make, take piece of the place into it's being! Mental, I know. But I do the exact same thing, look at stuff I've made years later, and recall where it came with me in it's making and what I did while it was made. I love that!

  4. Hat looking good. I love the way memories flood back when I look at my knitting. Even if it is days later, I can remember what TV programme I was watching when I last picked up my knitting. (I knit watching TV to keep me awake!!)xx

  5. Happy knitting, happy memories, happy Hawthorn; thank you for sharing yourself so beautifully Hawthorn!
    Love, Joyxo


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