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Into the blue

Our plans to set off first thing Saturday morning ended up with us only leaving just before lunchtime. With our eyes on the grey skies and coats, hats and gloves packed in our bags we arrived at the tiny hamlet of Halton Gill in Littondale. We had been going to walk up to and along the ridge of hills surrounding Halton Gill however, as we only had the afternoon left to us - we shorten our route a fair bit. 
Just to be out. 
On the hills, heads in the cloud was enough. 

The only sounds were our footsteps, sky larks singing their defensive songs, lapwings calling overhead and the distant but ever present bleating of sheep.

We sat on a small alp as we ate our belated lunch and watched the clouds melt away leaving the most eye achingly beautiful blue drenched sky. As much as I tried I could not drink in all the wild isolated beauty. 

It is times like these that I am so glad to be alive, so glad to be able to visit here and so so very glad that my boys were on the hills with me. Sitting in the grass next to beetles and insects as they buzzed around with their little lives and looking at the enormous vista made me feel very small yet totally complete in one go. An amazing and wonderful feeling.

How was your weekend?
Did you do something amazing?
Did you get out and experience the beauty of being 'out there'?


  1. Nothing as amazing as you. Only gardening, and plenty of it. What a gorgeous blue sky, so vast. Glad you were able to get out and about with your boys. xx

  2. I had a similar experience on my trail run today on Latrigg Fell. I will fall happily exhausted into bed tonight! Lovely fresh air! My front door is open and the birds are singing as I type! Magic.

  3. went walking both days! on Saturday we went for a walk on the moor facing our house, most people go on Ilkley moor but up on Denton Moor we were the only people!! It was very boggy, the pathe meandered and disappeared so rusty map reading skills were pressed into action but no photos taken, too grey for that

  4. My computer seems to be on a go slow this morning so when I clicked on your post the pictures took a while to appear. Then from the top of the page oh so slowly they unravelled to reveal such an amazing landscape. Breathtaking scenery!
    I had a quiet weekend, pottered in the garden, sat in the garden, eat in the garden, it was perfect and relaxing!

  5. What an intense colour the water in that stream was; it looked very cold! Managed to play out in my garden and then up to the fields to plant willow trees! Very soggy up there!


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