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Friday evening.

After a week of amazing friends, wonderful family, gifts and cake, all I wanted, all I needed was a bit of fresh air, big sky and a passeggiata*.
 As we walked along, feeling the receding gentle warmth of the evening sun, I thought on the last few days.  I celebrated my birthday mid week and I have been surrounded by love and generosity. I have been touched at the thoughtfulness of my dear friends and family.  
Thank you all - so very very much xxx

We sat beneath the beech trees and gazed at the view. We were in no hurry, we just needed to breathe.

*passeggiata - an evening stroll taken not for exercise but for pleasure.


  1. Passeggiata.......it looks like it was a good one, fully of reflective thoughts of your last few busy days and the rest of your 'birthday week'. xx

  2. A belated happy birthday to you.Your photos are beautiful, no wonder you enjoyed your passeggiata!

  3. A new word for me; don't think I'll be using it tonight as it is still quite wet here! Glad you enjoyed your birthday; did you manage to extend it for a week?


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