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Guess where I'm going to be on Saturday?!

Here - St Abbs Wool Festival.

Happy? Oh yes!

I am taking my camera and my knitting and my smile :) I can't wait!
And I am going to visit my guillemot!  
I shall report back :)
Oh - and I shall be getting my hands on some more of this gorgeous stuff!


  1. Enjoy. I'll be in scotland too, we leave tonight! Can't wait

  2. Have fun, it looks fabulous (had a peak from your link) happy new wool purchasing.

  3. Ooh enjoy. Lucky you. Can't wait to see your post on this.

  4. So envious am I! Enjoy every length of yarn, every colour, everything. Can't wait to read all about it!

  5. Looking forward to seeing the pictures. See you soon. xx

  6. I'm wishing you happy times Hawthorn and wish I could be back in Scotland too!
    I've been missing for awhile but now trying to catch up on all the news in blogland - it'll take a while!
    Joy xo


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