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Swap over

Himself, Eldest and Girlfriend left us on Sunday evening to go back to work and study and my folks - Jak and Dad came up to share our holiday cottage. Swapped one part of my family for another!

Youngest and I took them to St Abbs - we are being dictated to by the weather and as Monday looked to be the least wet, we took to the coast.

We had a delicious lunch at the converted village school, now a community business being run as a lovely simple cafe serving excellent home-cooked food.

We bumbled down to the harbour and watched the boats and visited the visitors centre and I showed off my guillemot.
In the visitors centre is the most beautifully painted mural on the central wall, the detail is amazing. Apparently it was painted by an art teacher from the local school and all the animals depicted are native to the local area.

As we explored, we had a couple of hysterically funny moments that made us laugh until we cried. It's been a while since I had one of those :)

As we jumped back into the car, the rain returned. I quietly thanked the weather for allowing us to wander around the village and harbour in gentle sunshine.

What shall we get up to tomorrow?!

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  1. Sounds like your break was anything but restful with everyone coming and going.


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