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After a week away, despite the washing to do and the holiday things to be put away, it is nice to be home.

The house is quiet, the boys are still up in bed, Himself is off to work and the cats have got over the short lived desperate need to be fed/held/stroked/played with and have reverted back to their more normal aloof superior being selves.....I know my place.

I have a long list of to-do things.

  1. Tidy up (not just our holiday katunda but general house tidy)
  2. Feed Pepper (she says she's not had a morsel for HOURS which is a lie as I fed her about 20 minutes ago)
  3. Make myself a mug of tea
  4. Wake the boys - might put that off a bit longer 
  5. Ignore the cat (talk about persistent)
  6. Washing - must not forget the washing
  7. Water the plants - they all seem to have taken on a rather parched and flaccid look - suspect that plant sitting is not high on Himself's agenda....
  8. Look for an alternative to net curtains (I HATE net curtains with A PASSION) however, our front room window is angled such that as people wander up through the village they look straight in and stare. I usually have some sort of screening up - the most recent ones have lasted the longest - they were sari veils with embroidered paisley swirls. The cats finished them off while I was away........
  9. Put the kettle on, thinking about making a brew will not actually materialise one next to me - despite wishing VeRY HaRD!!
  10. Knit - I want to knit
  11. Ignore point 10 - that will have to wait *sigh*
  12. Re-discover my desk - it has become a dumping ground for paper and other detritus
  13. Get ready for Halloween - There will be the annual trail of of little snotty pink witches and ghouls this evening yelling 'trick or treat' expecting sweets without hesitation. They always look baffled (as do most of the parents) when we yell back 'TRICK!' We gave that up a few years ago.
  14. Empty out Eldest's bedroom by mid day - he is having a new carpet laid down. You might wonder why I am not sorting that out choosing rather to blog and day dream about a mug of tea and knitting..... those of you who have teenage sons will know why I am procrastinating....
  15. Washing - mentioned that but it is preying on my mind
  16. Kettle - I must put the kettle on
  17. Stop writing lists and get on with things.
I can hear the shower going on upstairs, one of the boys must be awake - unless it is the cat.

Which reminds me, while we were away, one of our furry little beasties turned on the bathroom tap (the taps are the type with a long handle that when lent on will easily turn) and when Himself returned from his break found the bath was rather full of water...........

Oh well. Procrastination is not an artform unless it is done to keep up with yesterday, I suspect I am doing that right now!

Over the last few days, I took pictures of this and that and of nothing in particular.
 Very yellow coloured frog crossing a quiet lane in St Abbs, the dull weather made it's skin glow
 A rather large stirk leaning in for a sniff 
 Youngest leaping from one tank trap to another. Relics from the 2nd WW - his legs have grown somewhat....
 Merino goats at the wool festival
 Youngest priming himself to leap again
 Marram grass head

Edited to add - Vacuumed out the washing machine (yes you read correctly - VACUUMED OUT the washing machine...)
Made creepy hands out of black paper for the window (see I ToLD you I was a procrastinator)


  1. Hello, glad your kitties have welcomed you home-they are funny creatures!.
    Your post made me chuckle, I could relate to your 17 points in an instant, hope the sorting of the teen room went OK-oh my days it can be a challenge-I remember and get reminded when 'not now teen' is home in the uni holidays.
    Have a lovely weekend

  2. Cats are brilliant when you return from a break aren't they! I wouldn't fancy clearing Matt's room. Makes me feel quite faint just thinking about it! Have a great weekend, and I hope you got that cup of tea and did some knitting, by far the most important items. xx

  3. I have to have lists too; my memory is not what it used to be so all jobs etc are written down but I can still find ways to procrastinate!

  4. I've been catching up with all my favourite blogs this week, and have really enjoyed looking at your holiday photos. Looks like you had some wonderful sunshine, and the wool festival looks heaven. Your guillemot looks very at home in his surroundings :) Always so much to do when you return - procrastination is sometimes the only option x

  5. oh, busy busy....or not as the case may be!!
    All the best with the list reducing....about time I got around to writing my next list!!


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