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Hello November and a Ta - da!

November. How quietly yet quickly you have appeared.  I am not ready for this year to end.

I shall have to take SaraJ's advice and take tea and knitting - and I'll take inspiration from Wovember

To kick start my Wovembery-woolly adventures - I have just finished knitting an owly hat for Eldest's Girlfriend. I couldn't find a pattern I liked so 'wrote' this one by trial and error. I'm really pleased with it.  Just above the deep rib are 9 cable owls with their small wooden button eyes. 

The wool was re-purposed from a scarf I'd started and not had enough to complete. It is soft and snuggly and warm. By luck more than design the owls all fitted on the blue while the rest of the hat was in shades of russet, terracotta and magenta. 
The buttons I picked up at the St Abbs Wool festival - happy memories!

I'll certainly make this again, may be even for me this time :) 


  1. Hello, the hat is wonderful, just love the owls with their button eyes, my son's girlfriend would love it too. Not tried cable yet on my slow learning curve on the knitting front but I will when time allows.
    Have a lovely weekend, hope the sun shines for you

  2. Great owls, great hat, great re-use of yarn. Love the hat just in case you had not guessed. This year is passing very much quicker than usual and I cannot explain why. Keep knitting!

    1. I think that November seems to be suddenly here is because of the long warm autumn and now it has left us feeling the end of the year is here too soon. No gradual slowing down of the year during October.

  3. Great hat looks perfect for festivals. Great way to reuse yarn :)

  4. Clever girl, designing that lovely hat. I really like the colours. Also read your last post and glad I'm not the only one with a procrastinating problem. Love some of the photos. Take care.

  5. That hat and the search for the black cotton to sew on the eyes brings back memories of a wonderful stay in Northumberland. A lovely laughter filled break with you and Youngest. Xx


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