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A big-sky micro adventure

A sudden desire to be out of the house, out in the open, out - just out, made Himself and I spontaneously pack a picnic and persuaded Youngest to leave his laptop and come with us and set off. Set off - just out.

 The air was biting, our hands felt brittle and noses icy. I took knitting with the plan to knit as we drove along but the views kept calling to me. So my camera came out instead. During our lunch stop, Youngest and I wandered through wild moorland down to a stream where a Viking longhouse lays buried under grass and reeds. Each summer archaeology students unearth the building and delve into the past, then when finished carefully return the turf and cover the longhouse for the winter.

 The roads we chose were narrow and winding, high up on the moors where stock animals graze.  Youngest opened and closed several gates as we went along.

 My knitting, which on Saturday I did not really care for, sang in the late afternoon sunshine. Mirroring the colours of the hill side.  I could feel myself gently falling for it....I hope it lasts.

Time to go home.


  1. Hello Hawthorn

    Oh my word what stunning and beautiful photos, they are amazing - nature at it's best.
    I love the blue skies, the rich Autumnal colours - what are you knitting. Oh my your last photo is breathtaking beautiful, love the contrast between dark land and the rich colours of sunset.

    I live on the NE coast and the sunrises are just as magical.


  2. It really is beautiful where you live. It did nothing but rain here this weekend. And of course, now I'm in the office, the sun is out! x

  3. Stunning, lovely to be outdoors and breathe especially with family-oh and a picnic-yummy.
    Beautiful views

  4. Top marks and a gold star for these photos. They made my heart sing after a long day at home 'fighting' to get all sorts done. Best photo was second from the end... more please!

  5. What a contrast in weather where we live. If I had attempted to walk anywhere at any time over the weekend, I would have needed waterproofs and wellies. It was so horrible here so so nice to see that you were able to get outside and enjoy the countryside.

  6. Of course, I think you've guessed that I love the dales and moors of Yorkshire, so thanks for the wonderful bevy of photos. Take care.

  7. Just catching up here. What a perfect way to spend a day. After a week of gloom it looks sooooo good. I hope you found some more sun this weekend :)

  8. I love the colour of your knitting, it is like the colour of the moss and heather. a lovely colour mix


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