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Where do you knit? and Hello JO!!

Hello Jo, Of course I remember you :) How lovely to hear from you again :) I am so so happy that my little bit of crochety excitement rubbed off on you and you have got so much pleasure from a little hooky action - It is definitely a small world, hope to hear from you again xxx

Wovember inspired post.

I was thinking today, as I quietly did a bit of escapism knitting at work, of how many places I drag my knitting along with me.
Whatever my current project is, it comes too....to work, walking, holidays, visits, knit and natter and of course at home.  

My curiosity piqued, I trawled through some of my photos and had a look where I'd sat down and had a little me time with my knitting.

Today at work - sitting at my computer.  I try to go out for a bit of a break but today I had so many chores to do during a particularly brief hour that when I returned to the surgery, I just sat down with my knitting. (That cute kitten on the screen is called Jaffa and is only 3 weeks old!)
 In the car - knitting and crochet are the best form of in-car-entertainment EVER! And I will not hear anything to the contrary (well - within reason of course!) I find as a passenger when we are off on a jolly gives me permission to just sit and knit without the inbuilt guilt associated with just sitting and knitting!!
 Knitting can be done out in the open (in this case only briefly as the midgies were horrendous and had vicious little */~//*#@ teeth!! oops. Well, what do you expect in a woodland in Galloway?
 Walking on the moors above Bolton Abbey, I can always find time for a row or two when we sit out of the breeze and sip tea from a flask during a walk.  Often a break will be longer than planned as I have been know to mutter...let me just get to the end of my row..... and find that if the boys haven't noticed, I can start another one!
Holiday knitting is the best, each stitch imbibes the atmosphere, taking home a little bit of the light and the air to gently release when the garment is being worn.
Winter knitting is almost like comfort food, it is cozy, it is comforting, it is all encompassing. It does help, however, to have a fire and a fire-worshiping cat - bliss.

 This picture and the one below are almost identical but are about 8 months and 20 miles apart. There is something familiar about knitting - it is repetitious without being tedious and it seems our walks bear a remarkable similarity to my knitting - strangely comforting and reassuring.

Knitting by laptop light - no not really, I use the laptop as a store for most of my patterns. 

I was lucky enough to help out at a couple of woolly themed fayres and shows and it seemed right to take along my knitting :)

I have to honestly say that I have never found it too hot or too cold to knit. In winter or when we have been camping, knitting actually warms my hands up and if my project is big enough - it acts as a mini-lapghan and keeps me warm. 
The wrapper on the yarn says it all.
Yes, you can see 3 cones of wool........think I'm dedicated to the cause!

:) xxxxx


  1. I must admit that I do not do much knitting of big things now, I add knitting into my scrumble but prefer to crochet. Back what seems like years ago now I knitted for the kids and Tom, great bit fair isle jumpers and like you I took it all over the place. I love this post it reminds me of bygone knitting days.
    By the way, my eldest lives in Ayr and we have visited and experienced the midges, they jut loved Tom. lol

  2. I used to knit a lot more than I do now, but still enjoy especially in the car. Love where you've knitted out in the dales and must work out what I'm going to do next, whether it be knit/crochet, though I'll admit to a lot of handsewing as well of a night time. Take care.

  3. My crochet goes everywhere too (much to son's embarrassment! I'm having a day off work today to go to a card making class, and crochet will be coming with me for lunchtime. Hope you have a good day too. x

  4. Yes, car knitting is the best! As you say, you are already just sitting, so why not be knitting?!

  5. What a great collection of photos. I also like knitting as a car passenger. Although this year on holiday my children banned me from knitting on the beach.

  6. Thank you for sharing your knitting photos, I just love your beach knitting.



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