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Tiz the season (not quite yet) to be jolly

Wovember inspired posting.

Saturday snapshot - knitting in the car on a wet and wild day.

The festive knitted bauble is progressing, I have to admit to frogging my first attempt during knit and natter this week, something to do with chatting and drinking tea rather than concentrating *sheepish smile*

Talking of knit and natter, a couple of weeks ago, Eldest took some photos for me of 'what was on the needles'. Thought you'd might like to see what we get up to :)

Owly jumper - no pattern needed! A was knitting it from a design her daughter drew. It is now completed and A is knitting a hat to match.
L is making gossamer light scarves for festive gifts - I think the plan is to add a row of beads either end to help weigh the scarf down slightly.

My mom is turning unloved jumpers into cat blankets. She patiently knits, crochets or crafts one a week for a local cat rescue who, when the cat is rehomed, 'their' blanket goes with them to their new family and as a consequence, the cat rescue constantly needs replacement cuddly cat blankets - and my mom comes up with goods :)

 M crafts traditional stylish knits then when almost complete - frogs them back with a shrug and a laugh and makes something else :)
M has an eye for vibrant colours and was knitting a gorgeous scarf. She had painstakingly threaded on cerise beads through out the scarf and now that it is finished - it is a beautiful item.
GG seems to have a blanket on the go constantly - not the same one, but a different one every week. We always ooh and aah over her creations and she seems to turn out such gloriously neat and beautiful blankies :)  (I don't envy her though weaving all those ends in!)

And cake, there is always cake....... nom nom nom. I think I can see a fairisle pattern in there......

I enjoy our little group, us girls, we laugh, we talk, we share news and cake. Now that can't be bad :)

Do you go to a knit and natter group?
What is on your needles or hook right now?

Have a lovely weekend and keep on knitting/weaving/crochet (and eating cake...) and celebrating wool for what it is :)

xxxxxxxxxxxxx hawthorn


  1. Thanks for a reminder of the recent KnK night; great cake! Glad to see your bauble is coming along nicely; I hope no more frogging is on the horizon.

  2. I can see that bauble is going to be gorgeous! I love the colours - they remind me of blue and white china :) Your knit and natter group looks really friendly and cosy, and all the projects are so different. How lovely to get together and be creative with like-minded people :) x

  3. Great post! I don't have a knitting group, though I tell myself I will look for one. At least we are probably done moving (aside from buying a house locally), so I can finally do it!!

  4. Really nice to see what others are making. I have 4 things on the go at the moment which for me is a bit much. I don't know which one to pick up and get on with first!

  5. Hello,
    A lovely group, so nice to chat and craft and EAT cake-it did look scrummy. I meet my friend on Friday nights for crochet and chat but we do have a glass or two, well Friday nights have different rules ha ha.

  6. Nice post ! nice to knit with some friends .... thanks for sharing and your bauble seems to be gorgeous ! have a lovely sunday

  7. What a lovely post, that bauble is going to be so pretty! I love what your mum is doing for the cats too - it combines two of my favourite things: crafts and cats :) <3 Elisabeth xx

  8. I'd love to join a knitting/crochet group. Yours look friendly and you're all making lovely things. I really love that owl jumper--and it's all based on a drawing! Wow! So talented! And how wonderful to be able to meet up, knit, crochet and enjoy tea and cake together.
    Hope you're having a good weekend. Thanks for stopping by and for your lovely comment.

  9. I love the knitted piece at the top of your post the white and blue colors go so well together. The owl is so cute too! great work :)

    Needles and Wool

  10. Thank you for your kind reaction on my blog. I didn't know yours before, but I love it: the knitted makes (especially the owl!) and actually: I love England so I've enjoyed to see all those lovely pictures you've showed. Thanks!


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