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Knit and natter Ta-da!s

Wovember inspired post.

It was my turn to host the knit and natter this last Thursday and it amuses me that Himself always makes himself scarce and my boys retreat to a safe distance but still close enough to check out any baking which magically appears as the girls arrive.
This week did not disappoint :) There were freshly made (and still warm) scones, jam and cream with rice crispy and choc nibbles, 'Viking' biscuits** and flapjacks.

Not only do we knit and natter (and nibble of course), we share our projects and show our progress. We don't restrict our crafting to just knitting or crochet and at the moment there is some gorgeous work appearing. I love these needle punch pictures being created (Thanks lovely lady - I have lifted your works of art straight off your blog :))
Picture from Lovely Lady's blog
Picture from Lovely Lady's blog
Picture from Lovely Lady's blog

My fav-sis-in-law has been knitting and knitting and knitting, then got fed up and happily passed on to my mom to finish, a lovely warm and snuggly yet cool (I know - an oxymoron) Buttercup by Heidi Kirrmaier - a free Ravelry download, in a most delicious chocolatey-charcoal grey wool. (Sorry - that sentence is hugely too long but it needed to be!)

She was so happy with it, she tried it on before it was completely finished, when oops....it started to unravel! So it went back to my mom for a bit of first aid and today (Saturday) it is now completed and all edges are safely woven in! It looks lovely - Well done J (and mom!)

L makes gorgeous rug-hook pictures and these two are no exception.  Her hens are for another of our knit and natter group and the hare is destined to be a cushion cover.

L has also given an ornamental festive tree an amazing make over. It was once a plastic coated wire dark brown frame and she painstakingly wound bright rich carpet wool methodically around each and every twig and branch and look how fantastic it looks now!

I teased her gently at how kind it was of her to do if for me and despite all the laughter I noticed how tightly she held onto the tree when at the end of our lovely evening as we all said good bye!!

My knitting is progressing slowly, I seem to have lost steam.  It is not complicated or brain draining, it is just comfortably methodical rhythmic knitting. But. *sigh* I don't really know. Hey ho.

Tomorrow - Sunday, hopefully the weather will be friendly enough to go walking. Today turned out to be gently beautiful but we'd already made other arrangements. What ever the weather - I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend

love hawthornxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

**Viking biscuits - years ago, when Eldest had his 8th birthday and wanted it to be Viking themed, we researched all sorts of things Viking related, clothing, food, games and we found a very simple oaty biscuit that only contained ingredients current at that time - oats, butter and honey. We tried them and fell in love and over the years it has altered slightly to suit our palates and now has seeds and nuts as well as sultanas. It has been a family*happy*favourite ever since.


  1. Such a lot of creativity in your group, and some brilliant projects! Those cakes and biscuits look delicious, and it sounds like you had a lovely day together. The Viking biscuits are a great idea - so nice that they've turned into a family tradition :)
    Cathy x

  2. Thank you for sharing and highlighting the variety of crafts you have within your group and you get to eat lovely things too!

  3. There is nothing better than spending time with friends who are very creative. Their projects are so diverse and original, I particularly like the rug hook projects. and brilliant Christms Tree.


  4. Knit and natter sounds a great name for a creative group and by the looks of those photos, you are all just that. Warm scones, jam and cream sounds yummy. Take care.

  5. Looking good! Feel free to pinch any images from me. Good to read Jak finished that lovely jumper. Here's to more crafting and nibbles next week! Thanks for organising us!


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