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November woolly round up

 Well, November (Wovember) for me was a rather crafty month.  It celebrated the making, the knitting, the crochet and the crafting with wools and yarns. (With added cake of course...)  So to celebrate this lovely creativity I've put together some mosaics - enjoy!
 My knitting crew!
 Knitting miles
 Where do  you knit?
 Inspirational creativity
 Designing and loving it
Projects finished......and not so finished!

Wohoo! Let hear for creativity and all things woolly :)


  1. Hello, you have had a brilliant craft month, really wonderful makes shared with friends and the added yummy cake.
    A pleasure to be part of.

  2. Lovely collage. I've no idea how to do something like that on my blog, so well done you. Take care.

  3. What a wonderful creative month. I often stand back and smile how a ball of yarn is transformed with some knitting needles, or crochet hook, and a few twists in to something useful or fun. Enjoy your Sunday. x

  4. Hello Hawthorn

    A wonderful creative month. I absolutely love your gossamar project in the first photo, and your reindeer baubles.


  5. Thanks for all the woolly reminders for this month. I'd forgotten how woolly it had been. Love your finished reindeer bauble.

    Here's to a woolly future!

  6. What lovely places to knit, and I absolutely love some of the yarns. Fantastic bauble as well.

  7. What a creative month you've had! the yarns are gorgeous, and I especially like the knitted reindeer baubles - so clever :)
    Cathy x

  8. Oh my goodness, such talent and such energy! Love them all. Suzy x

  9. I'm impressed !!! great woollies !! Thans for sharing all of them with us ... have a lovely and creative day !



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