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Advent calender 1st December - Chrimbly count down

Traditions -
Since I started my blog/s in 2009 - I have counted through the month of December - not sure why or for what reason I started but now it has become bit of a tradition. All through the year I keep an eye out for numbers then in December I post a photo and waffle a bit about it..

So in keeping with tradition, I shall begin my Advent Calender 2014!

We'd been out walking in the Dales and were heading back to our car.  It had been a very wet day, cold and grey but oh so welcome. I'd been buried deep in study so a walk - of any variety - was very very welcome!

In the corner of my eye in the gloom of a late wintery afternoon I saw this......

Bang! The first photo for the 1st of December. Perfect! 

Another one of our family traditions to kick start the festive season is watching Settle town lights switch on followed by fireworks.  We've done it for years. Initially the boys were young enough to want to queue up with all the other children for a gift and a moment with santa while we sipped non alcoholic punch and chomped on the most delicious parkin, they are now big enough to enjoy having the punch and parkin* with us. 

On Saturday I was working in the morning and the plan was to meet up with my boys and the dog, go for a walk and a picnic lunch on the hills and return to the town in time to watch the festivities.  This year must rate as the most pleasurable one.  The town square was full of people with a wonderful air of anticipation. A gormless looking snowman and a frozen singing princess (from a rather popular film) sang and entertained the crowds and then the big countdown from 10 to zero with a toss of magic glitter by the princess - a moments hesitation then the lights all came on and then the fire works started from the top of the hill. For a local event done by some dedicated committee members - it was most enjoyable!

Some of the town's windows are painted so that at night they glow with seasonal pictures, there were also stalls, reindeer and santa of course. Like I said - a lovely evening.


  1. Looking forward to more of your christmas countdown. The switching on of christmas lights always kicks starts the festivities.

  2. Oh, goody the Crimbly countdown. I did think you might be too busy to do one this year, so thanks for doing it. The Christmas Lights switch-on in Settle sounds really good; it is such a nice place too.

    Can't wait for 2 December!

    Are you doing the 'how many mince pies' have been consumed as well?

  3. Thank you for joining in!
    Julie xxxxxxxxxx

  4. what a great idea for a photographic countdown, i'm looking forward to seeing more of your photos x

  5. I like your Crimbly Countdown idea and will enjoy reading the posts :) The lights in Settle look very pretty, and how lovely that all the family enjoyed it. Sounds like a magical evening.
    Cathy x


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