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16 and the diary of a princess

Yes - AnOthER road sign! But as recompense please read on, dear blogisphere friends for I have a guest blogger for today's post - read on! 

An excerpt from the diary of a Pan-cat.

Dear diary,

Humans. *sigh* I have had enough of their shenanigans...their lights and their noise...their untidiness. Some days I could just shut myself away (and I do believe me I do!) They call and whistle - who do they think they are?! I am NoT a dog - no, how very dare they? So I remain silent and aloof.

I am a princess.

A shy and delicate princess - still yet to find my voice and my feet.

And every now and then I need to rediscover my inner self... and hide away.  Where no one will spot me - not my subjects or that impostor who thinks she is top cat.

 Well, the other day when that green thing masquerading as a tree was put up in the room - I just had about enough. Oh the silliness of it all, don't me wrong, I did investigate but was sorely disappointed when this green bristly monstrosity didn't smell right and had shiny things dangling in it.... I was so put out I found myself a small place of my own and called it my sanctuary.

No one could see me.
I became invisible.
They did not know I was there.

I could hear them giggle and laugh. I could hear them walking around me but I remained InViSiBle to them - Ha!
That showed them!

I felt at peace with myself for about 10 minutes and when I sensed I was alone - I made myself visible again - so that my subjects could stop worrying about my whereabouts. Then I let them make a fuss (only a little) of me and get my food ready.

Then, having eaten and feeling replete - I retired behind the wood burner and settled down among the ashes, for I am an undiscovered princess waiting for my moment to shine.

 I just wish my humans would stop washing me when I get covered in soot.......

PS Hi its me again - Please know that no princesses (furry or otherwise) were harmed in the making of these pictures and I have just noticed that in the first photo - you can actually see Pan through the blue of the bag, she must have been letting her invisibility slip just at that point!

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  1. I agree with Pan (aka Princess) as every now and then I seek sanctuary from the hurly burly of the day and retreat to a peaceful environment!

  2. Hi Princess Pan, love your blog. If you can sneak out from behind the lovely warm boiler, then how about another? xx

  3. If only we could all retreat every now and then and hide in our own little sanctuary.

  4. I didn't even notice her tail hanging out. I'd be no good at finding stockings in pictures, would I?


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