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29 - Count down - Ice ice baby, ice ice baby

Hello and welcome to Rae from Felt by Rae and Gooseman of Nachgedacht, how lovely nice to meet you :) 

Yup - another telegraph pole photo.... Still it does play an important supporting role to today's date - 29th December, I am back at work, my festive break is over but my lucky boys are still loitering around and planning walks - grr jealous much! Talking of walks, on Saturday we were out on the hills - so fly by this photo and I'll waffle on....!

Ready? Here goes.....
It was rather crisp and chilly when we set out. We, us four plus Girlfriend certainly needed to breathe some air and where better than on the snow sprinkled Dales.

Our walk hovered around the snow line, dipping in to muddy farms and back up on to icy crisp moorland. In the distance, in a snowy field a family were sledging.
 Youngest found a cattle water trough and carefully lifted a sheet of ice. We marveled at the creases and folds in the ice. Tiny icy bubbles littered the rimples and corrugations.

 As we came over the crest of the hill we looked down on the old suspension bridge that swings over the river Wharfe.

 The boys did their usual, tried to make it bounce and swing and I did my usual and sharply told them to stop!

L-R: Geriatric dog, Youngest, Eldest and Girlfriend
  This area abounds with old stone posts
 As we returned Himself drove us up Elslack moor and we caught the most beautiful wintery sunset. A delicious contrast of icy blue snow and sky with gold and peach coloured clouds.

Beautiful, magical - special.


  1. Beautiful indeed. No snow here but it's white with frost this morning which is looking very pretty. I hope work goes ok. X

  2. Great walk; lovely sunset from that vantage point! Pity the ice sculpture could not be brought home and framed....

  3. Your photos of the dales are just stunning and look so "cool" after our blustery, "HOT" drive home from a couple of days in Canberra. Temps reached 35deg at one stage and the wind was blowing our caravan about somewhat, which made it quite scary at times. Keep warm and take care.

  4. My hands are freezing just looking at those icy pictures and no gloves! Lovely sunset. xx

  5. My hands are freezing just looking at those icy pictures and no gloves! Lovely sunset. xx

  6. Stunning snow-covered moorland photos! It's been cold today driving home from a pub meal with our families - just waiting for the central heating to kick in. Hot water bottles tonight, methinks :)
    Cathy x


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