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A knitting ta-da! and Chrimbly count down 2

Firstly I would like to welcome my new followers - it is such a pleasure when new faces appear and it always amazes me that you actually find my wafflings worth reading - thank you ! x

Day 2 of my advent calender

Two images today - the first is of a pebble in a rather quaint cafe in the town of Kirkcudbright  (pronounced kir-coo-bree) in Galloway. 

The first time we used the cafe we'd blown in after a particularly wet and windy day and sank gratefully on the seats at the only free table.  It must have just been vacated as it was piled up with used cups and sauces and eaten off plates. The waitress very quickly removed the detritus, took our order and as we steamed dry in the warm cafe we chatted about the enjoyable (if damp) day we'd had.

It came time to pay so I went up, leaving the boys to put coats on and pulled out my card......only for the waitress to shake her head and inform me that they did not have a card machine....oh  X*//~"! (so leaving my boys as collateral) I rushed off to find the nearest bank, which thankfully was not that far away. I soon paid and took two rather embarrassed boys home.  We have since returned to that cafe (with cash!) and had another enjoyable visit. We even returned to the same table :)
 My second offering occurred over the summer hols.  The boys school keep changing the uniform every so slightly each year and insist that all students comply - So one warm and sunny day, Youngest and I spent a day hunting down the essential item.  We were foot sore and starving so we left the centre of town and sat by the canal and ate our lunch and look what we were right next to!


Festive bauble knitting - I completed by knitting by last Friday and took it for a walk over the weekend so I could take photos.

I have almost completed writing out the pattern - will share soon :)

Joining up with Julie every day as we celebrate the chrimbly count down :) Why don't you take a look and see who else has joined :)


  1. painted windows are everywhere these last couple of years and I think they're delightful.. Your bauble has worked out wonderfully, pattern soon please. I've never done this kind of knitting but I fancy making one for Charlotte, hope they're not too big or it might not get done for this year.

  2. Love the knitted bauble is there a pattern?
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  3. Oh your bauble is so beautiful ! I love it ! I'm already waiting the pattern !! Have a lovely day !


  4. Love your No 2.but love even more your reindeer bauble, he looks as though he is ready to run across the gorgeous scenery. Now you just need to made 5 more and you will have a set!! Well done. x

  5. It is a bit of a shocker when they don't take a card isn't it and it's always when you haven't got any coins or paper money in your purse at all.
    I really love that bauble. Have you left it hanging on the tree for other passers by to admire or has it returned home ready to join others on your christmas tree.

  6. I use a fabric shop which doesn't have a card machine, I believe they can be an expensive option for a very small business. Needless to say the first time I bought something from there I ended up sending my husband out to find a cash point. Love your knitted bauble, very festive.

  7. I too love that bauble and will join the queue for the pattern! Suzy x

  8. A cafe that does not take plastic??? Oh no! Something I do not think about as I assume most places take plastic.... Bauble looking better!

  9. Just catching up with your December postings ... what fun the bauble is, love it!

  10. Your bauble is gorgeous and your photo of it is stunning! Happy Holidays! Lori (visiting from Creative Friday)

  11. Oh my, I love that bauble - cannot wait for the pattern! I have always loved painted canal boats, such works of art.


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