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19 - breezing by (whilst wet)

*I saw three ships come sailing in, 
On Christmas day, on Christmas day
I saw three ships come sailing in
On Christmas day in the morning...

Over summer Himself and Youngest had time to themselves and with a borrowed windsurfer went to the Lakes for the day. After three hours of falling into the water and laughing until their ribs ached, they stopped for lunch and watched slightly large craft elegantly sailing by... it was only afterwards when the boys were showing the photos that I spotted the number 19  was in red....hmmmm me thinks - I know just the place for that! (Thanks guys)

*The carol - I saw three ships sailing has various origins attributed to it, traditional folk song, Victorian and even from the middle ages.

Joining up with Julie every day as we celebrate the chrimbly count down :) 
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  1. I saw three ships is a lovely Christmas carol
    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. Love the photo, almost looks like your at water level taking it! Suzy x

  3. I agree, I saw three ships is a lovely carol! There are a few carols we don't seem to hear that much these days!

  4. What a lovely way to count down. I shall try and remember this for next year. My girls enjoy playing it on the piano, so plenty of chances to hear it in this household. I still like it. Really.

  5. Well spotted. And what a lovely photograph and a wonderful reminder of a fab day spent by Youngest and his dad. xx

  6. I bet you have great fun throughout the years trying to spot and photograph numbers. And what a novel way of collecting memories.

  7. Another wonderful photo, with happy memories.



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