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Today's number is number 7 and a festive wreath making round up :)

Before I start waffling - I have to say ....Thank you for you kind comments and chat - 
it makes my heart go squeeeeeeee! 

Counting counting counting and today....is 7!

All over Britain there are little markers from days gone. Cars just whizzzzzzzz by, people not looking, not seeing, but they are there. 

It just takes a little time, a brief stop, to connect with the past. To feel the mix of hard rock and chiseled hands and letters.  Thank you road marker for giving me the 7 I needed for today.

(To Clitherow  Miles 7 :To SKipton ms 5)

As promised - our festive-wreathy-make-it-day highlights and photos. We had a lovely day - I have to admit that this fun day was probably the most pleasurable and enjoyable I've done and we've been running it for about 10 years!
 Of course we had to have our gingerbread festive trees complete with 'snow and sparkle'

 Lovely Lady from 'Threads through my Life' blog supplied the most tasty of treats
Of course - mince pies - you have have mince pies at a festive-make-it-day!
 We'd put up tables and a waterproof floor covering (good thing coz once we get started there is always an awful lot of mess!) With snipping and wiring, cutting and tying, nibbling and sipping we chatted our way through the morning right up to lunch time.
 It was all ages doing the making and there was such creativity and productivity going on.
And of course, all this activity required a constant supply of nibbles. 

After lunch - which ladies I have to admit was a delight to eat 
We all brought something to share which means a delicious variety of plates appeared and got eaten!

Here are some photos of our work and as I am posting them, 
I realise I don't have all of the wreaths and hearts and displays - but if I said that 11 of us made between 3 and 5 items each - you can imagine why I am missing a few!
Shades of gold for a front door

 Eldest's girlfriend made this very pretty and sparkly wreath - I think she did really well :)
 This one is my front door wreath - bit fuzzy and a bit colourless but I could not wait for daylight to take it and managed to twiddle the camera's settings to take with out a flash
 This one was made by Eldest for Girlfriend's sister (he was very generous with the silver spray)
A traditional one for an older friend's door, we make her one every year :)

Eldest made this one for me for our back door :)
A small ivy based one for inside the house 

I know other cameras were around during the day, I might be begging for some photos!

Thank you my dear friends and family who shared today with me - we shall have to do it again sometime - 
how about next year??!!

Phew, now after all the clearing up and the hanging up of the wreaths and bowers, I am shattered - thank you for sharing :)

Joining up with Julie every day as we celebrate the chrimbly count down :) 
Why don't you take a look and see who else has joined :)


  1. Looks like you all had a wonderful time
    Julie xxxxxx

  2. Wreath making looks fun. There was a class at Matt's school, but it cost £35 for the morning, and I thought it was a bit pricey, for me anyway when there is so much to spend on at this time of year.
    Loving your Christmas countdown. x

  3. What a lovely idea for a fun day, I like the look of the edible trees. xx

  4. Anothrr great day organised by you! Thanks. I've gained a bit of weight too, do I'd better be polite and say thanks!!! I forgot to take photos of all the lunch goodies. Will have to correct that omission next year. Got the date for next year yet?????

  5. Wow, that looks so much festive fun and what wonderful creations! Hard work I'm sure but soooo worth it! xo

  6. That's a lovely way to spend a day, very festive and creative.
    Gosh, we're at 7 already, not that many more to go!

  7. Hello Hawthorn

    I love your story of little markers of bygone days. When visiting the country I always think this about dry stone walls, and what tales they could tell of the people who built them.

    Your wreath making looks so fun, and the wreaths are wonderful.


  8. What a super idea for a very productive day with good company. I love all your wreaths - they are all special and made with love and laughter - oh and a full stomach too!

  9. Thanks for organising such a fun day. Food good, mood good and results of hard work excellent!! xx


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