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12 - Advert counting counting again and our knitting festive party

Hello my dear bloggy friends - thank you so much for your lovely comments, they make my heart squeeze with delight :) It is wonderful reading your thoughts and comments.

I love that the bus caused such a happy response - it seems to be a universal delight to come across vintage vehicles so it really pleases me that today's number is also 'sponsored' on a vintage vehicle.

12. 12. 12.

My first bit of waffle is walk related.  Sign posts, way markers, road signs are great suppliers of numbers and therefore often feature in my chrimbly count downs.  They are very useful but not always interesting. However......

.......Every now and then we come across traditional fingerposts made of cast iron with their black and white livery. I love the old style naming of the parish and town. The distances marked by just a number and not a measurement - from the days when miles were the only way and kilometers were something unheard of.

My personal feelings are that as street furniture (yes a real term) these signs have far more character and style than the modern versions we see today. 

It also just happens that today's number is associated with a favourite little town of mine :) Even better.

Now - a vintage 12 on a delightful old vintage Rover tradesman's truck. So shiny and so beautiful. We were on holiday and popped in to the nearest town for some essential supplies and walked right into a two day vintage vehicle event and we loved it. We must have looked at each and every motor at least once if not twice - our previously planned adventure put aside for these beauties :)

Last night was our knit and natter festive party. We have a secret Santa and lots of nibbles, a bit of knitting and crochet but mostly chat. This knit and natter is always the last of our year's 'get-togethers' and we adjourn until January next year.  We had a lovely but quiet evening this time as three of our group were away due to illness or other commitments - they were missed but not forgotten as their gifts were kept safe for them and their portions of the delightful eats were eaten (by us of course!!) 

You should see my gorgeous secret Santa gift (oh yes - we opened them almost immediately!) as part of the 'ritual' is to then open your gift and try and guess who gave what to whom !

Thank you my dear knitting and crochet compadres - 2014 has been a wonderful and creative friendship, here's to 2015 and even more knitting and crochet and cross stitch and rug making and weaving and sewing and nibbling and chatting and friendship!


  1. Do like the "sreet furniture" as they have so much character. Lovely car and must admit to doing spur of the moment things like that, especially as hubby loves cars. Take care.

  2. I love the old 'street furniture' too. They do have more character especially around where we live
    Julie xxxx

  3. We like looking at vintage cars (and tractors) too. They are always gleaming, shiny and bright. So solid, made to last, would be what my dad would say. Do you think in future years our cars will hold so much stead, only time will tell!

  4. I know that finger post! Of late, we have driven past it many times. As for the Rover car badge, it holds memories for Beloved and myself as a friend was involved in refining the design of said badge; sadly he died prematurely but whenever we see a Rover we always recall our friend. Thanks again for the memory.

  5. Hello, so sorry to be late with my catch up-a crazy week is no excuse but back on track now.
    How lovely of your group to make time to share a pressie, especially a homemade one, it sounds delightful.
    I have a little news for you my lovely-I am on row 20 of your bauble pattern, can't wait for rows 21-27 when the stag reveals himself a little more, going well though (eek for a beginner), it has given me brain ache with ALL those needles but appreciated the links and extra tuition.
    Fingers crossed I don't mess up!.

  6. Hello Hawthorn

    So sorry i am a little late. Love, love this post and I agree original sigs are the BEST.
    Loving the Vintage Rover.


  7. Your knit and natter Christmas bash sounds way more fun than ours, which takes place in the local wool shop where we meet.

    Love the old signs. We have some of those fingerposts near us.

  8. Sorry to have missed the Christmas KnK evening. Sounds as though it was the usual fun. x


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