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23, BLTs and memories

Today is sponsored by the number 23, an interesting item of farming memorabilia and a couple of pebbles from a cafe in Hebden Bridge.

Some time ago, when the boys were still quite small, we'd visited the delightful little town of Dent in Dentdale. Having explored the town itself and still having lots of energy, we pointed the boys towards the hills. Off we went. Most of the walk up was using a dry waterfall, the terrain in this area is very porous limestone and water tends to 'travel' below soil level, only gushing above ground after heavy rain. It was fascinating.  However we reached a section that was just too wild and huge to climb so we found the footpath and continued across farmland.  We suddenly came across a solitary little barn with the most impressive view. The boys managed to squint through a hole in the door and when their eyes adjusted could see all sorts of historical type farming equipment. They called us to look but we could not see anything easily, so I lined up my camera to the hole and took several photos. It wasn't till we were home and I put the images on to my laptop we could see what the boys had got so excited about - it was full of interesting equipment. A real treasure trove of farming days from another time - wish we'd been able to have a proper look. 

With a bit of research with the help of professor 'google' I found out it was a milk and cream separator in the days when farmers milked by hand, the cream was separated from the milk. The cream was used to make butter and the milk was either drunk, fed to calves or sold to villagers.

These pebbles were thoughtfully arranged by Youngest on a visit to Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire. I'd taken the teenagers out for the day and we always end up somewhere so they can consume large quantities of BLTs - now, they have two favourite cafes for said desirable lunch time choice and on this particular jolly out, the Watergate Tearooms were the lucky recipients for their appetites.
We sat outside in the teagarden (less garden more riverside back yard) and spoke very quickly between the deafening hammerdrill noises being made across the river. Normally this would not be conducive towards a pleasurable meal, however the boys were so fascinated at the destruction of the hill side between two buildings that we put up with the sound so they could observe..... what I do for my boys......

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  1. Love the cream separator and you're nerly there with the numbers and it's been fun on the journey with you, even though I've not always commented. Take care.

  2. A wonderful story, so magical.


  3. I just love old machinery; it does not matter if it is agricultural or industrial; just love it all. Great photos.

  4. How fascinating to be able to discover what your boys had seen through the hole after you got home! A great story :)
    Cathy x

  5. I love all of your post they are so different
    Julie xxxxxxxxx


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