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26 and a Catty broadcast !

Today - 26th December, is also known as Boxing Day here in the UK as well as many Commonwealth countries. For those who are unfamiliar - it developed from the days when servants and tradesfolk would receive gifts or money from their employers and has now become part of the festive break and a bank holiday. 


Last weekend while when we out for a bit of a potter. The weather had been a little inclement and during a brief respite we took the opportunity for a breath of blustery air.  As usual I took my camera.  
Our walk took us alongside a neighbouring village cemetery. Eldest was a few paces ahead when he stopped and pointed out the date on this stone..... 26th December 1870.

Only 5 more days until the completion of the year.

Just a quick in-fur-message 'sponsored' by Pepper.

Dear Humans,

At this time purr-leese remember that boxes are for life and not just from chrimbly.

A cat's life is made compurr-lete by the addition of a box in their life. We can hide inside it and pounce when compurr-dre cats walk unsuspectingly by.

We can curl up and sleep and dream or scheme naughty cat plans, so dear humans - do not be so tidy, please remember that a box is for life and not just for chrimbly time.

yours in purrs and fur 

Pepper xx

Cat-ress - Pepper
Supporting act - cardboard box 
Photographers - Mum and Fav Sis in Law
Photographed on location Chrimblyday 2014


  1. Hello & Merry Christmas!! It's unbelievable and funny: I was a cnstant reader of your blog "11 am" and sorry when it was discontinued. Popped back every now and then and found no continuation. Buuuut..... somehow I must have overlooked the link to this new blog! It's not only funny, it's nearly embarrassing that it took me 2 years to find that out :o). Good that you wrote that post on November, 16 ;-). Now I'm happy to be here and looking forward to follow your lovely blog :-). About cats and boxes you're totally right. I always have a box laying around for my cat, too!
    Happy Holidays! Nata xxx

  2. Hello Pepper! I agree about your need for boxes. I have plenty here if you are running out of them. Just send one of your servants across to get one.

  3. Happy Boxmas dear cats. Thank you Pan for posing so obligingly. xx

  4. Thank you for sharing Christmas day with us all. It was a lovely family day, lots of fun and nonsence. xx


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