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27, Friends Old, Friends New, Year End Limbo

This quiet time between chrimbly and year end is a strange one.

An odd mix of restlessness and feeling in limbo. When magick seems to hide, lying dormant amongst the decaying leaves and sleeping trees. We have hunkered down and retreated each to our own corners - Eldest is curled up with a book, Himself has one too, Youngest is the most 'active'  with his model making, even the cats have buried their faces (Pepper into my Mom's jersey and Pan-cat into a cushion) and gone to sleep.

I am the most restless, flitting between things, not completing anything.

Welcome to some new faces Suzy (Rustic Vintage Country), Julie (KS's Court), Joy, Joanne (Ghost Lily Design*) and Nata (Natas Nest) who used to read my wafflings when I blogged over at 11am and has 're-discovered' me - welcome back Nata!R

The end of the year is nearing - today is the 27th December with only 4 days left of 2014. It has made me think about things new.   

Today's pictures are reminders of walks out - the first, a lovely late spring walk in the Dales, we'd been out on the moors and as the day was ending, we'd come down on to a farm track. All along the road were telegraph poles, beautifully numbered - ah perfect.

The next one is kindly supplied by Antony Gormley's Another Place.  This iron man was so encrusted in barnacles that he was more green than metal.  I had to put my scarf and hat on him just for a giggle :)


  1. Hi dear, thanks for the kind welcome! Beautiful pics. The iron man looks funny with your accessoires, and I especially like the first photo. The snow falling on your blog at the moment is giving me the feeling as if I would be standing infront of that grassland with the first snow falling on my head :D. Happy weekend! Nata xxx

  2. A good description of this time of year. Love the iron man and his hat!

    All the best for 2015 xx

  3. Yes, I know exactly what you mean about this spell between Christmas and New Year. I never know what day we're on and always feel a bit restless. However, I love the festivities and being able to snuggle up and relax too. The iron man sporting a hat and scarf is hilarious and very stylish - love it!
    Cathy x

  4. I'm a huge fan of Gormley's gents ... love the winter woolie look!

    Hoping you had a wonderful Christmas and that 2015 is good to you and yours x

  5. Good colour match for iron man. Wurm hat looks particularly good on him.


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