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8 8 not too late! Stories for Chrimbly counting and tree doecorating

Summer 2014 will forever go down in our collective walking memories as being a warm and sunny one.

We range far and wide when walking both new ground or familiar paths. This particular walk was one we'd done many a time but it was the first time we'd actually noticed the roman numerals grooved into the stone wall holding back the waters of the upper reservoir. How had we missed these quiet remains of industrial beauty? 

 Taken secretly using my cell phone during a folk concert - my seat number - well, I never let a good opportunity to snap a number!
No,not particularly an interesting or stimulating number however, should this little green box (a telephone substation) fail, our computers and phones at work would stop dead! So, in away a rather important little dull box :)
Yesterday was a really damp and wintery day - perfect for putting up the decorations.  I had plenty of help in fact I was relegated to third (no - forth) in charge. Eldest and Youngest took over and Pepper-cat assisted greatly while I was  delegated to coffee and tea maker and mince pie supplier....Not bad really considering that usually by this age, teenage lads are less than enthusiastic about decorating trees......... So, with out further ado here is a selection of our day.
Youngest is so much taller than the tree that we have boosted it. He happily was able to reach the top while I had to stand on a chair....it tickles him that he can get things for me that I can't reach :)

 During the afternoon there was a brief and brittle bright respite in the weather so we went out and hugged mugs of coffee and hot punch and munched on mince pies while Himself tinkered with the mountain bikes.  He and Youngest had been out the day before and came back covered in mud and bruises. We spent a lovely few minutes outside before we got too cold!

Pepper-cat particularly liked the lights and beads - please excuse the state of the carpet - tree decorating usually leads to casualties - mostly the carpet....

My door wreath in day light - I have definitely gone for the hedgerow look.  
My little sun in the middle is to help call the sun back!
This evening, the tree came into its own.

Thanks boys (and cat...) I'm happy happy :)

Joining up with Julie every day as we celebrate the chrimbly count down :) 
Why don't you take a look and see who else has joined :)


  1. Yes when our boys were at home and I couldn't reach something and had to ask them, they would make some remark (usually sarcastic) I would say were not too tall for a clip round the ear!
    Lovely tree
    Julie xxxxxx

  2. Your door wreath is lovely. No doubt your christmas tree helpers enjoyed their mince pies, I bet they "eight" them all!
    (Sorry, it just seemed appropriate for this particular day and I didn't get it out of a cracker!)

  3. Nice pun Jacqueline! Photo of the wreath taken in the daylight is great. Glad Pepper was there to help out....

  4. Hello Hawthorn

    Another brilliant post, I love the reservoir photo, and what memories it holds. Your tree is looking beautiful, and I do like the holly above the mirror. Pepper-cat is just adorable and is definately enjoying herself, Mouthwatering mince pies and a cuppa - perfect.


  5. The tree looks lovely. One year when my cat was helping me with the tree, she bit through the lights. There was a loud bang, and a very dazed and confused cat fell out of the tree then the tree fell over and landed on her.....hahaha!
    Must set to with my wreath soon. xx

  6. Tree looks good. Well done boys and Pepper/ Mince pies look good too, I gather that is part of the annual 'taste mince pies from all supermarkets and bakeries' to find which is the best. Good excuse.!! xx

  7. Tree looks good. Well done boys and Pepper/ Mince pies look good too, I gather that is part of the annual 'taste mince pies from all supermarkets and bakeries' to find which is the best. Good excuse.!! xx

  8. More intriguing numbers! the tree looks good :) My youngest decorated our tree for us, and made a good job of it. Your wreath is very pretty, especially the ribbon. All looking very festive :)
    Cathy x


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