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28 and a small matter of too many knitting needles....hmmmm

28, 28 - only three days left of 2014.
Photos similar to yesterday - my apologies.

So, quickly breeze by the two pictures, and I shall waffle on a bit about a gift I received from my Mom x

Ah, that was quick!  Now for the promised waffle....

I received many wonderful gifts but one I am particularly pleased about is a knitting needle 'tool kit'. My Mom and Youngest quietly exchanged plans and ideas for a chrimbly gift for me,then she made me a beautiful knitting needle roll - brilliant!

Despite being rather ill and the needle roll causing my Mom several unpicking and re-sewing issues, I am now the proud owner of an over stuffed roll!

Here- let me show you .........
Beautiful marbled fabric - I believe that 'Lovely Lady' from Threads through my Life had something to do with the fabric - thank you ladies!

The roll - errr - unrolled (loving the horse fabric and the swirls - I love swirls)
Just look at all the needle pockets - loads! 

 Almost full to bursting point! I think I have far too many needles - I think I need to go through my not inconsiderable collection of needles and weed out the excess.

Now a rather fat and stuffed roll and I still have a fair number sitting in their original container and in an old box.

I am limping a bit today, we'd gone for a walk yesterday as we all felt a bit stir-crazy and suffering from cabin fever. About half way round, the path was particularly muddy and in quick succession I slipped twice, landing the first time on my knees (not good for my stupid right knee) then flat on my back and I have bruised my coccyx. Argh.

Hey ho.

I did take some photos, but I will save those for another day :)


  1. A beautiful present from your Mam, somthing to treasure with lots of happy memories every timeyou use it.

    I hope you knee improves.


  2. Love the knitting needle roll.
    Poor you, hope you feel better soon
    Julie xxxxxx

  3. What a lovely thoughtful present. :)
    I hope you recover from your trip soon and aren't too uncomfortable. Xx

  4. Lovely knitting roll! Your mum has done an excellent job. And yes, I might have had something to do with the fabric...... Great to see pictures of it. I once hurt my coccyx, not a good thing to do so I hope youi are staying in today, sorting out your needles, that should be a safe job?

  5. Such a pretty knitting needle roll; love the colours

  6. Love the knitting needle roll. I too have my own new needles and also old needles. Then there's my mum's needles which she has passed on to me and the needles I've inherited from my friend's mum. So why I ask do I often find a pattern that requires a certain needle that I haven't got in any of my collections?
    Sorry to hear you've taken a tumble, hopefully not too much damage has occurred.


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