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15 and woolly thoughts

15..15..15..15 - 349th day of the year - only 16 more day to the end of the year. Ooh err hasn't 2014 flown by!

I thought I'd show you my delicious ball of yarn I was gifted at our festive knit and natter. I have just spent a happy half hour checking out Ravelry for inspiration - think I have an idea what I can do!

Now back to the chrimbly counting. Today's number is number 15. Some numbers are easy to find other take a bit of looking for. I'd found the first two months ago and was happy with that, then on Saturday, whilst out walking around our village I came across the third....I must have walked passed this sign a hundred times and never noted the numerical value of it....until now!
Walshaw reservoir, near Hebden Bridge, West Yorksire
A finger post in the very pretty hamlet of Blencow, taken when I was writing my exams during July.
Keswick 15
Carisle 15 3/4

Well, well.... that is 15 done and dusted for another year!

Joining up with Julie every day as we celebrate the chrimbly count down :) 
Why don't you take a look and see who else has joined :)


  1. You have put so much work into your advents... I will come back and study them all when I can catch my breath. xx

  2. I am really enjoying your Crimbly counting. It just demonstrates to me that I must go about my daily life with my eyes shut! You see so much, so next year I will try to be more observant of everything's,

  3. Ooh, I love Keswick and we had such a lovely time there in September. Well done and am enjoying this so much. Look forward to seeing what you do with that wool. Take care.

  4. I think it's so original they way you are doing this...brilliant! x

  5. Love, love that yarn, I can see so many nice bits of scrumble made with that.

  6. The yarn is a really lovely colour, I look forward to seeing how you use it.
    16 days to the end of the year, it doesn't seem possible. I still haven't put my flip flops away from the summer yet!

  7. Another brilliant post Hawthorn, I look forward to 16.


  8. I love the cloud scape in your reservoir picture.


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