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XI festive countdown

Today's number is number 11 and is brought to you by.......Legs eleven.... December 11th is the 345th day of the year which means there are only 20 days left til 2015!  It also means only 10 more days until the longest night and the turning of the seasons towards the light.
 ❅  ❅ 

My first offering is of a wonderfully noisy vintage bus we came across one summer's evening in 2011 (there is that number again!) We'd been camping and having eaten our evening meal felt that the lovely light should not be wasted so went for a stroll along the country lanes. As we went along we could catch strains of a rumbling noise. Was it a tractor? No the boys countered - they thought it was a tank! Himself and I felt it was a farm vehicle. The debate gently raged between the four of us as we strolled along, then suddenly this brilliant old banger of a bus full of jolly folk trundled along towards us! Dilemma solved!

 ❅  ❅ 

The next two photos hark back to my advent offering for the 8th December for we return to that lovely sunny walk along Walshaw Reservoir where we found the numbers ground into the stone - but through time and weathering, their functionality had all but been forgotten  and a beauty all of their own shone through.

Both my offerings have lashings of sunshine and summery goodness while outside we are finally encased by wintery weather.  I drove home last night through heavy hail and sleet and flooded roads.


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Joining up with Julie every day as we celebrate the chrimbly count down :) 
Why don't you take a look and see who else has joined :)


  1. Loving your countdown and hubby would be thrilled to see that bus. Will show him later. BTW he was a bus driver for many years (lots to be exact, but now retired). Take care.

  2. What a lovely old bus. Brings back memories of the buses I used to travel on when a child, ticket man with the ticket machine he had to crank to produce your ticket.

  3. oh this vintage bus is amazing !! I love it !!!!! Have a lovely 10th day before the turning towards the light ....


  4. Keep safe in the horrid weather. It's our turn tonight. So - great timing that it's the school disco and I've got to go and collect a few boys at 11 o'clock tonight! I hope they don't keep me waiting.
    Thanks for sharing the sunshine. x

  5. Love that bus. I used to always want to ride on the top deck when I was little and we visited Southend on Sea.
    Keep meaning to book a sightseeing trip on an open top London bus but have never got round to it.
    I can't believe it's the 11th already, so much to do, so little time, oh dear never mind!

  6. Big thumbs up for that vintage bus and those happy smiling people.....just great! Suzy x

  7. As I sit listening to pouring rain outside, and it's already been dark for an hour, it's lovely to have a dose of summer in the form of your photos :)
    Cathy x

  8. I can't believe that Eldest has grown from that lad on a bicycle to the lanky young man he is today in just three and a half years. What do you feed him on? xx

  9. Hello Hawthorn

    Oh I love the bus it reminds me of the Dylan Thomas poem called "The Outing"
    keep safe and warm.


  10. Great summery pictures on a very wet and windy day here.

  11. Lovely bus. We have a bus like that travels across Exmoor, and people even sit on the top when its raining under their umbrellas!
    Julie xxx


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