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Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!

After Tuesday's wash out, Wednesday's sunshine was AbSolUTeLy gorgeous.
We set off in two cars to St Aidens beach were my folks came a short way with us then returned to have a picnic on the sands and Youngest and I continued on with out walk.

We were going to walk from Seahouses to Bamburgh along the coast and then cross over the dunes and into farm land and wander back through the lanes and pathways back to the car. We had walked this route some years ago when the boys had legs that were only little and had to work twice as hard as they do now. The walk took us most of the day with many stops and deviations as well as lots of bribery encouragement and goading positive words to make our little guys keep moving. This time, Youngest with his long giraffe legs and I with my Nordic walking poles strode round in just over 2 1/2 hours.

The views were spectacular - definitely made up for the monsoon weather we had yesterday!


  1. I'd love to ride a horse along that beach. What a wonderful experience. :)

  2. Stunning photographs, hardly a soul on the beach and blue skies ordered perfectly.
    Ha ha I do remember the words of encouragement used on a long walk-funny.

  3. I like seaweed! Love the photo of the seaweed, reminds me of an armadillo.


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