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Walking the sea cliffs

As I mentioned yesterday, we'd spent a lovely morning at the St Abbs Wool Fest and afterwards we went for a wonderful (if a touch breezy!) walk. I managed to change in the front of the car out of my jolly out clothes into walking clothes - it was a bit of a wriggle but I managed. We had a picnic lunch down by the harbour. There is a lovely small picnic site right on the edge of the water so we sat there and admired the boats.

A small but thriving industry in this little harbour is a 'dive school' and boats trundled in and out of the harbour dropping off divers who explore the coves and the bay along the craggy coastline.

I thought I'd taken photos of our walk to the lighthouse but when I checked through my pictures, I don't have a single one! It must have been so windy that I must have used both my hands to hold my hat on!


  1. Lovely ,lovely photos! The colours and light are marvallous and I love that 3rd photo where you can see the reflection of the boats and sky.

    Amanda x

  2. Hello, sorry just a little behind in my reading so missed your last post-super cute 'snooty' guillemot, it made me laugh.
    Lovely harbour pictures, you had wonderful blue skies.
    Have a lovely week

  3. The blue skies and blue sea look wonderful - but a bit chilly! x

  4. Fabulous photographs! They have cheered me up no end as yesterday's bright start to the day soon changed to persistent rain! Keep those photos coming!


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