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Generous servings of Sunshine and Snow

Dish of the Day.

  • Take one gloriously sunny spring Saturday

  • Add one husband, walking boots and a flask of tea

  • Omit two teenagers (deposit one at his Saturday job and the other with the Girlfriend)
  • Go to Kirkby Lonsdale **

  • Arrive early, before the hordes of day trippers

  • Wander through gloriously quiet sunny streets

  • Find a lovely bakery with an unexpected tea-room at the back and sample their most delicious wares - yum yum
  • Return to same bakery a little later and purchase something for lunch by the river
  • Pop into shops that give you a serious case of the 'wanties'

  • Drool over yarns and wools and patterns

  • Fall in love with a lime green scarf, speckled with indigo flowers and acid yellow tendrils
  • Walk along the River Lune, breathe in the fresh spring air

  • Steep gently as you follow the paths through rolling green fields

  • Sit in sunshine and slurp tea appreciatively while sand martins scream and weal over the river
  • Skip over puddles and bumble through villages

  • until...

finally return to the car, still in drenched in the welcome sunshine.

Optional extras

  • Collect various sons from various location on return journey
  • On reaching home, stick the kettle on, stoke up the fire and watch the snow flurries as they fall.

What a way to to end the day with generous servings of Sunshine and Snow!

**Please follow the link for Kirky Lonsdale and watch the 2ish minute video, it shows everything beautifully - a lovely lovely little rural town.


  1. What a positively delicious day, the sort you don't want to end :-}. We had a 'flurry' about the same time - but ours was sleet and hail stones. The fells were so pretty this morning but it has all melted in today's sunshine.

  2. A dangerous place to visit. And what about the Bath House? Seriously indulgent. That bakery is one of my favourites. Scrumptious scones :-) A lovely day out. X

  3. love Kirby Lonsdale, know it well. We ventured out without teenager and visited something crafty. Do I show it now or wait until end April? - hmmm

  4. ♥ What a lovely walk. We plan to go soon and seeing your lovely pictures makes me realise we have made a good plan! Have to explore those tea rooms and craft shops - though the latter are more for me! ♥♥♥

  5. As Charles Dickens once wrote... “It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade.”

  6. I must persuade Beloved to stop and walk through KL. We know Devil's Bridge well, well at least the brew van where Beloved drools over the motorcycles and tells me he wants one and I always say no but he keeps asking and I will keep saying NO! The snow fell here too; amazing!

  7. What a fabulous day out - with the perfect ending!

  8. I need to put this place on my to visit list...looks lovely. x

  9. We had snow too, madness......I thought it was spring?

  10. Another lovely day and glad the snow flurries waited till you got home. Take care.

  11. Oh that is so beautiful! The scenery, the buildings, the bridge! Whau! I would love, love to see that. I love small villages. I wouldn't know what to do to get there :) I can't imagine there is snow falling there yet. You must be quite North. We had several days of super strong winds and temperatures a bit cold however it promises to get warmer later in this week. Thank you for sharing about such a beautiful place.

  12. A lovely day for you, complete with snow. We didn't get that here or should I say we haven't got that here yet!

  13. Now that's the sort of sign I'd be unable to pass by without taking a photo of either!


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