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Scavenger photo-hunt update

I am delighted that you lovely lovely people are joining in however, a number of queries have popped up - so hopefully I can answer them here.

Which pictures? How many pictures?
Ideally as many as possible but no pressure - the idea is to be inspired to 'go hunting' and share your findings and stories.

Think out of the box? I don't think I can do that.
Shall I give you an example?  
The word 'SPRING' can be  interpreted in many ways -
ie a rusty vintage car suspension spring, 
or a water source (such as a medieval holy spring), 
or the more traditional - lambs and daffodils...
See? How easy is that?!

I don't have a blog how can I join in?
Two ways of sorting that...
1. What a good excuse to start your own blog! - even if you only use it as a photo-record, it might develop into something else :) 
2. Send me your photos in an email with a bit of a waffle for each one and I'll post it here :)

Do I have to reveal all of the pictures at the same time?
Yes please, in a post from Friday the 29th April, l will post a reminder.

Can I 'grab' the button?
Yes please, you can take the 'Scavenger photo-hunt' button on the right of my page and if you would be so kind as to link back to I live, I love, I craft, I am me ... in your blog post that would be lovely, you can also share on Facebook and Twitter (for those who are into their social media!) 

Any thing else? 
Well - that's up to you! Go for it and enjoy the challenge :)

Joining us so far...

  1. Aril - Wonderings & Wanderings from Gnat Bottomed Towers
  2. Jules - A Hidden Jem
  3. Susan- Granny Smith's Quilting
  4. Eileen T - In my playroom
  5. Jayne - The View From Bag End
  6. Lovely Lady - Thread through my Life
  7. Jackie - Winters End Rambler
  8. Kezzie - KezzieAG
  9. Julie  -Julie's Scrapbook
  10. Jak
  11. Cathy -The House with the Blue Door 
  12. Tess - Driftwood
  13. Sustainablemum
  14. Myself & Eldest


  1. Thank you for the explanation - think I've got it now
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  2. Thank you. I've written the subjects on a bit of paper to remind myself. Now to get looking. X

  3. I would like to join in too, if I am not too late?

    1. I have added your name :) Welcome to our photo hunt!

  4. Thanks for the Q&A - think all of minr have been covered. I am trying very hard to 'think outside the box' but it makes my head hurt!!!

  5. I'll keep a couple of copies and definitely one with my camera bag and am I the lucky one for this month? We are off tomorrow on a little caravan jaunt and I'll be on the lookout and have already thought of one thing way outside the box (if I can find one) and maybe the knitting will have to take a back seat whilst we are driving.(giggle). Thanks again and take care.

    1. Ooh this is sounding like some one has been inspired and off to start photo hunting! Good one Susan - enjoy!!


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