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In which I waffle ....

I am not the only one that seems to be getting excited about our Scavenger photo-hunt - I keep getting lovely comments and emails saying how much fun/inspiration/enjoyment you lovely people are having and cryptic footnotes about items found and plans to dash off to photo the last missing feather/wet/sticks etc.  I would love to know which one you found the most challenging to find :) And there has even been a number of tentative enquires whether there will be another one! (Eldest and I are working on a new list as we speak :) )

On a different note,
...the boys and I spent a most precious and glorious Wednesday in Kirkby Lonsdale and walking around the little picture postcard village of Whittington. The sun was so so wonderful, warming, bright and very welcome. We spent time munching our lunch on the river's edge punctuating it with bouts of stone skimming. Youngest took photos whilst I skimmed - I am a bit rusty, think I need more practice!

The boys tower over me now. 

Baked vegan brownies - they were very successful and very quickly consumed.
I have had requests (repeatedly) for another pan, 
however a distinct lack of cocoa in the cupboard has put paid to that!
(Note to self...remember to buy some more -SHARPISH!).

A certain sporting event is happening this Friday (no I don't mean our photo-hunt!) but Tour de Yorkshire
Stage 1 culminates in the town I work and it has certainly sparked a flurry of bunting and flags and all things blue and yellow and bicycle shaped!
We even have a Hollywood style name, I could not resist taking photos.

It is strange what you stumble over when walking out on the hills.
A manhole cover .... with a personalised touch ... a little on the batty side.

Himself has been baking too - he made GigANtiC custard slices!
They too were scoffled rather quickly. 
He has just told me that he has been thinking how to improve and refine his recipe ...
watch this space!


  1. The slices look delicious and what a lovely way to spend a day, out with your boys. Mine all tower over me too and most of the grandchildren are catcing up too fast. Love how you captured the S going up and that manhole cover is so quirky. Enjoy Friday, maybe not the hassle in town, but our exciting SHP's. Take care.

  2. Keep waffling! Great that you and Eldest are thinking about another photo scavenger list! Just love the chaps putting up th big SETTLE letters. Lucky you to snap them.

  3. All that food looks delicious and is making me feel hungry. I always enjoy the excitement and decorations when there is a cycling event taking place. It's such a big part of it now. X

  4. Custard slices are my first choice in a mixed cake selection in a tearoom. Not made any for ages. Mmm chocolate Brownies too. Lovely pictures of the Hollywood - sorry Settle sign going up. You were lucky to catch it happening. Looking forward to the picture treasure hunt results on Friday. xxx

  5. The brownies look delicious! Love the Settle sign!

  6. I love the Settle sign and your husbands custard slices look wonderful.My husband cooks but he is a savoury man, so alas no cakes.

  7. That doesn't seem like waffle to me, a lovely post with - as always - super photos :-}

    Great picture of the not-quite-completed sign:-}

  8. Beautiful photo with sun shining in the water. The brownies looks delicious and so does the custard slices. Enjoyable photos!


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