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A few warm words on a sultry evening

Gosh hasn't the weather been gloriously warm!!
There have been some spectacular sunsets, despite the sun having dipped below the horizon, the air was still warm and sultry and sky looked to be on fire!
 I love love this heat - finding myself grinning and bouncing about whilst, friends and family are wilting and despite being very tired at the moment - almost bone-tired - I feel invigorated - long may this warmth last...Himself says I am a lizard, I'd prefer a mammal analogy, something on the lines of a cat! However our two cats are also languishing in the warmth, choosing to lie in the sun topping up their sunshine D :)
Just a reminder and an update for July's Scavenger Photo-hunt.  As usual Jak and Lovely Lady (now with new and shiny blog), are organised and ready. Eldest has finally sent me his collection and I am at the point of getting my final draft sorted - as to be expected I have all sorts of stories in my head - just need to write them down!

Don't worry if you have not had time or energy (thinking of you Jayne) or you have blogging issues (thinking of you Julie) there will always be another time :) If any one is going on holiday - have yourselves a lovely time and keep your camera to hand - you never know when the opportunity will arise for that perfect picture moment :)

Now, for the reminder - A photograph inspired by a word, words inspired by the photos - July's Scavenger photo-hunt list - enjoy!
  1. reflections
  2. stripe
  3. secret
  4. red
  5. contrast
  6. forgotten
  7. soft
  8. cold
  9. seat
  10. my own choice

Remember to think laterally, interpret as YOU fancy, be it a current photo or a favourite one from your past. We'll reconvene and post our words and photos from Friday 29th July -  have fun, enjoy!


  1. Oh how I am enjoying this lovely weather (even if Beloved is slowly melting....). For years I have thought of myself as a reptile, sometimes standing in the garden, arms raised to soak up the sun as I try to warm up, so you are not alone!

  2. Hasn't it been glorious. Humphrey has been underwhelmed with his thick black fur in all this heat though bless him!

  3. Aww, thank you :-) In my head I really, really want to come and play but in my (current) real world there is just not the time or energy. But one day soon there WILL be, so look out!

    I'm with you on the heat - cannot get enough of it regardless of how limp and lifeless everyone else is.

  4. It has been wonderfully hot and sunny, but I confess I struggle in such heat. It drains me of energy and oomph, and as soon as it cools down I feel myself returning to normal again. I do love the sunshine, though, and these long days. Have a lovely weekend. Cathy x

  5. Yay, fingers crossed this warmth and summery sunshine follows us north for at least a week and a bit..! Looking forward to next hunt results! S x

  6. Although I generally don't like it super hot, we could do with some today, as it's been around 6deg and feels like about 2. It's freezing & I don't feel well either, so that is not helping. We've just changed over to NBN & my old laptop won't work, so I've nearly had a meltdown, as it is a good size for my poor old eyes & I'm doing this on a mini one, which I only use for going on holidays. I've still got to find some photos, but am well on the way, even in this yucky weather. Have a good week & take care.

  7. Lovely pictures. Love the colours. I am glad it is cooler today as I have been melting in the heat. xx


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